US Congress Member Alhan Omar Visit BaniGala Also Kashmir

US Congress Member Alhan Omar  Visit BaniGala Also Kashmir

Alhan Omar: Why is the US Congress Members going to Pakistan administered Kashmir and what is the concern of India with this visit?

Member Congress Alhan Omar a member of the US House of Representatives arrived in Islamabad today on a 5 day official visit to Pakistan. On arrival at Islamabad Airport he was received at the Pakistan Foreign Office by Malik Mudassir Tipu Director General of the United States of America. Alhan Omar also called on former PM Imran Khan.

US Congress Member Alhan Omar  Visit BaniGala Also Kashmir

Pakistan,s Foreign Office has told the News that during the April 20-24 visit Omar will meet with various government officials as well as political leaders & will visit the provincial capital Lahore & Pakistan administered Kashmir.

Member Congress Elhan Omar 39 from the US United state of Minnesota is one of the 1st 2 Muslim women in the history of the US United State House of Representatives to have access to House of Representatives. He belongs to the Democratic Party.

Member Congress Alhan Omar who wore the hijab in 2016 became Somali American lawmaker at a time when former President Donald Trump was making statements that Somali immigrants are spreading extremist ideas in the United States.

Hijab wearing girl prevented from dreaming

Member Congress Alhan Omar wearing a hijab spent his childhood in a Kenyan refugee camp where his family had migrated from Somalia. They spent 4 years in this refugee camp.

Then in 1997 with the help of a sponsor she arrived in  United States state of Minnesota.

In 2016 Elhan Omar 36 became 1st Somali American legislator. After her victory she said in an interview This victory is 4  eight year old girl who was in immigration camp. This victory is 4 girl who was forced to marry at an early age. This victory is 4 everyone who is prevented from dreaming.

Last year Alhan Omar introduced a bill in the US United States Congress against Islamophobia which was passed.  White House also supported the bill.

She raises her voice in United States on issues ranging from human rights abuses racism & Islamophobia to the rights of people living in Gaza & Indian administered Kashmir.

Kamal Haider Shah  president's press secretary in Pakistan administered Kashmir has confirmed to News that Member Congress  Alhan Omar will meet President Barrister President Sultan Mehmood Chaudhry in Muzaffarabad tomorrow April 21.

According to local Kashmir journalists & administration officials she-will also visit a refugee camp in Kashmir but details of her activities have not been officially shared.

In August 2019 during the curfew and closure of communications in Indian-administered Kashmir following the repeal of Article 370 Member Congress Alhan had demanded immediate resumption of communications in one of his tweets. He also demanded respect for human rights democratic principles & religious freedom in Indian administered Kashmir & reduction of tensions in Kashmir.

International organizations should be allowed to gather details about what is happening there he wrote.

Then in September 2019 Alhan Omar along with 6 members of Congress wrote a letter to United States US Ambassador to India & the Charge Affaires of  United State Embassy in Pakistan requesting that  United States reduce tensions in Kashmir. & use its diplomatic relations to ensure accountability 4 human rights.

Due to such actions & tweets they often face severe trolling from Indian users.

Member Congress Alhan Omar,s visit to Pakistan administered Kashmir Fact Finding Attempt

After an air strike by  Indian Army in Balakot in 2019 Pakistan sent a group of about 15 foreign diplomats to visit Kashmir under its administration & show them locations of Indian shelling. India often visits its diplomats in Kashmir.

Although this is not 1st time that India or Pakistan has invited a diplomat to visit its own administration in Kashmir Member Congress Alhan Omar is 1st United State member of Congress to visit Pakistan administered Kashmir on her own.

US Congress Member Alhan Omar  Visit BaniGala Also Kashmir

US Congress Member Alhan Omar  Visit BaniGala Also Kashmir
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This raises the question of why Member Congress Alhan Omar is going to Pakistan administered Kashmir.

We have spoken to former Foreign Secretary Najamuddin Sheikh about the diplomatic significance of Member Congress Alhan Omar's visit to Pakistan and especially his visit to Pakistan administered Kashmir and its future benefits to Pakistan.

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