PTCL blocked ARY News on cable

Lahore WebDesk: PTCL blocked ARY News on cable for covering PTI meeting.

PTCL blocked ARY : According to details ARY News Channel broadcasts on cable in different cities of the country were stopped after covering Former PM  Imran Khan rally. PTCL has also blocked ARY News on cable.

PTCL blocked ARY News on cable

Sources say that ARY News broadcasts are also not being shown in Zafarwal Daska & Mansehra.

Internet service is also being disrupted in Minar Pakistan & surrounding areas load shedding is also taking place in different cities.

PTCL blocked ARY : Contradictory news is circulating in Pakistan regarding ARY News broadcasts. Earlier ARY News Channel owner Salman Iqbal had claimed in a tweet that he was receiving reports from all over country about the shutdown of Ary channel especially on PTCL.

However a tweet from PTCL explained that ARY News Channel broadcasts on PTCL smart TVs across the country are running uninterrupted.

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PTCL blocked ARY

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PTCL blocked ARY : Broadcasting of ARY News has also been stopped in different areas of Lahore PC SIR College Road & surrounding areas.

Meanwhile Sindh police also reached PTI Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf  program on Sea View. Police are trying to close the screen.