Prime Minister all orders and actions by  President are subject to court order: Supreme Court

Court will review  proceedings of the assembly no institution should take extra constitutional action: Chief Justice Pakistan

Chief Justice Pakistan Omar Ata Bandial has said that all orders & steps initiated by the Prime Minister & President regarding  dissolution of the National Assembly will be subject to order of Supreme court.

No Confidence motion : According to  Supreme Court spokesperson Chief Justice took note of current situation in Pakistan after the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Qasim Suri dismissed the no confidence motion against P M  Imran Khan and President Arif Ali dissolved  National Assembly of Pakistan. Happened

Prime Minister all orders and actions by  President are subject to court order: Supreme Court
Prime Minister all orders and actions by President are subject to court order: Supreme Court

No Confidence Motion : According to details, a 3 member bench of Supreme Court comprising Chief Justice Pakistan Umar Ata Bandial Justice Ijaz-ul-Ahsan &  Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar heard  case today.

Chief Justice of Pakistan said that law &  order situation in the country Pakistan should not deteriorate & directed all political parties to act responsibly.

Chief Justice Pakistan said that no state institution should take any unconstitutional step &  no 1 should try to take advantage of the situation.

Chief Justice Pakistan said that public order should be maintained. He said that court did not want to delay the hearing due to Ramadan & notices should be issued to all political parties.

Chief Justice Pakistan atta  Bandial also directed the Home Secretary and Defense to brief the court on law & order situation.

No Confidence Motion : Ordering  PPP to grant the petition  Chief Justice Pakistan said that the court would review the steps taken by  Deputy Speaker.

However  Supreme court rejected  Deputy Speaker request to suspend the decision & directed the Attorney General to appear before it tomorrow.

Justice Bandial remarked President Arif  Alvi should be made  defendant in Political case as it is an important matter.

No Confidence Motion He also directed that  Supreme Court Pakistan Bar Association & all political parties be made defendants in the suo motu notice.

No Confidence Motion : The  Supreme court issued notices to Attorney General Khalid Khalid Javed Khan Speaker Deputy Speaker Secretary Defense Home Secretary &  all political parties & adjourned  hearing till Monday.

A 3 members bench headed by the Chief Justice of Pakistan Atta Bandiyal in  Supreme Court Pakistan while hearing  current political situation suo motu notice Action said that political parties should remain peaceful &  no unconstitutional action should be taken. Earlier after  no confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan was rejected as unconstitutional President of Pakistan had dissolved National Assembly on the proposal of Prime Minister. Was not included

No confidence motion : President of Pakistan Arif Alvi  has dissolved National Assembly on  recommendation of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Earlier No confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan was rejected by Deputy Speaker as unconstitutional.

Pakistan,s Chief Justice  Atta Bandiyal takes suo motu notice of political situation &  3 members  bench to begin hearing soon about this ..

Pakistan Army DG ISPR Major General Babar Iftikhar Also has said that what happened on Sunday in  National Assembly was not with the consent of the  Pakistan army &  has nothing to do with  army.

No confidence motion :In Punjab too meeting called for  election of Chief Minister has been postponed till April 6 without voting.

Prime Minister all orders and actions by  President are subject to court order: Supreme Court

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Will Chief Justice Pakistan Bandial be able to restore lost credibility of Supreme Court? Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar

Twitter :

PPP leader & Senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar said in a tweet that our Supreme Court Pakistan has a tainted past. He said that From ratification of military martial law to  execution of political leaders & the transition from executive to executive.

Will Chief Justice Pakistan Atta  Bandial be able to restore  lost credibility of the Supreme Court of Pakistan?

No confidence motion :Opposition: prime Minister Imran Khan rebelled against  country and the constitution

 United Opposition has said that PM Imran Khan today openly rebelled against  country &  the Constitution of Pakistan the punishment of which is enshrined in Article 6 of the Constitution of Pakistan.

No confidence motion: In a joint statement, the united opposition said it strongly condemned unconstitutional & non parliamentary actions & attitudes of all members of the government including  speaker & called them unconstitutional.

The statement said that the united opposition Parties has proved its clear majority in House.

Opposition appreciated  move of the Chief Justice Pakistan of the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take notice of the situation &  said that it was hoped that the decision on Sunday,s steps would be taken in accordance with the constitution.