Pakistani degree banned in India: Kashmiri students studying in Pakistan suffer from mental stress

My fianc objected to going to Pakistan to study. He gave permission with great difficulty.Pakistani degree banned : Now he says what is  use of going to Pakistan when degree is not accepted in India. I haven't answer. I just keep quiet.

Pakistani degree banned in India: Kashmiri students studying in Pakistan suffer from mental stress

Samreen Gul pseudonym is a 3rd year student at a medical college in Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtun khowa (KPK) province. Will mark a question.

Pakistani degree banned :Fawad Hassan pseudonym also belongs to Indian administered Kashmir. She is a Class 4th years medical college student in Sindh Pakistan Sindh Province. My parents wanted me to become a doctor he says. Tried in India but didn't get admission. Tried in other countries including Pakistan. Not only-did Pakistan get admission but it was also cheaper than other countries. He went home several times in 4th years & crossed the border.

University Grants Commission UCG a federal institution of higher learning has-been set up for many students in Indian administered Kashmir including Samreen & Fawad Hassan who are pursuing or have recently completed higher education in Pakistani universities. And the announcement of the All India Commission for Technical Education AICTE that there will-be no education or job in India from now on based on degree obtained from Pakistan.

The British news spoke to a number of students from Indian administered Kashmir who are studying in Pakistan. The students spoke to British news on condition of anonymity.

Pakistani degree banned in India: Kashmiri students

Pakistani degree banned in India: Kashmiri students

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How many Kashmiri or Indian students are studying in Pakistan For Education?

It should be-noted that under the decades long student exchange program between India & Pakistan young people from Indian administered Kashmir used to enroll in Pakistani educational & training institutions every year.

Pakistani degree banned :The government of Indian administered Kashmir has-not yet released any aggregate data on number of Kashmiris currently studying in Pakistan.

Kashmiri Student: However students returning from Pakistan say that 4  past several years at least 100 young people have returned to Kashmir every year with degrees in medicine engineering or IT.

Some Speaking to British news  students believe that  number of students from Indian administered Kashmir in Pakistani Deferment province is in  thousands of which 40% are Female.1 student estimated that at least 5,000 such students were studying in Pakistan but British News could-not confirm this claim.

Pakistani degree banned: Surprisingly government of Pakistan doesn't have any data on how many indian or Kashmiri students are currently studying in Pakistan. British news contacted both Pakistan's Foreign Office & Higher Education Commission Pakistan but was told that no such figures were available at moment.

Pakistani degree banned (Controversy) over Pakistani degree in India

Issue of Kashmiri students studying in Pakistan became a topic of discussion in Indian media following Awami Tehreek that started in 2016 after the assassination of armed Freedom fighter leader  Burhan Wani  following recent controversial decision of Indian institutions. ۔

Prior to  ruling a controversial case was registered in administered indian Kashmir in 2020 by the Jammu and Kashmir Police Counter Intelligence Kashmir CIK unit.

Pakistani degree banned : lawsuit alleges that Kashmiri separatist leaders took millions $ of rupees from Kashmiris in exchange 4 admission to Pakistani educational institutions & that the money was later used 4 armed violence.

During further investigations into  same case in August last year CIK claimed to-have arrested several people including former armed commander & Hurriyat leader Zafar Akbar Butt 4 selling Pakistani degrees.

The Police also said that Hurriyat leaders used to write letters of recommendation to Pakistani authorities 4 relatives of the slain Freedom fighter to admit Kashmiri students.

Pakistani degree banned : Hurriyat Conference leader Mir waiz Mr Umar Farooq called police claim an exaggeration & said it can-be ascertained from students themselves or their parents.

The father of a young man who had just returned from Pakistan with an  (MBBS) degree told the British News Mr Riaz Masroor in Srinagar: There were expenses. On his return he would become a human resource of  Kashmiri administration in Kashmir itself.

This decision will drain the brain he said. Obviously when a young-man with a degree is declared ineligible here what will he do? He will either return to Pakistan or to  Gulf countries or to Britain a& US. Thats the decent thing to do & it should end there.