Nimrah Kazmi went missing after Dua Zahra from Malir

Another 16 year old girl Nimrah Kazmi went missing after Dua Zahra from Malir area of ​​Karachi

Nimrah Kazmi : According to LNN News after  14 year old girl Dua Zahra from Malir Golden Town area of ​​Karachi, now another girl has been reported missing.

Nimrah Kazmi went missing after Dua Zahra from Malir

KARACHI : On April 20 Nimrah Kazmi daughter of Nargis wife Muhammad Nadeem who lives near RCD Ground Saudabad  in Malir area Karachi mysteriously disappeared from her house & could not be found even after 4 days.

Nimrah Kazmi Girl's father said that his wife & I had gone to work. When he returned he didn't have a daughter Nimrah . He tried to contact his relatives & friends but no 1 knew. Locals said that they saw unknown persons The daughter was forcibly taken away in a car. A case was registered on April 20 & Karachi Malir police registered a FIR.

Nimrah Kazmi missing  Malir

Nimrah Kazmi went missing  Malir

Nargis  mother of  missing teenager Nimrah Kazmi told  LNN : I am a health worker. I went to work at 8:30 Am  in the morning on  day of the incident. When I called my mobile was getting switched off.

Nimrah Kazmi Missing: Mother said that when she came home she saw that her daughter Nimrah  was-not at home. I called all  friends & cousins ​​of Nimrah & asked about her but they all refused. Although Four day,s have passed since  registration no significant progress has-been made in the investigation.

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Nimrah Kazmi: Nargis further said that Two months ago Nimrah kazmi had mentioned a young man named Mr Shah Rukh & said that he was sending a relationship. It is suspected that Shah Rukh has abducted my daughter Nimrah.

Nimrah Kazmi Missing Case : Mother said that after the abduction of  daughter  Nimrah Shah Rukh & his mother contacted that my daughter is not-at your house? So they refused Mr Shah Rukh,s mobile number has-been given to the police officer who will help in recovering Nimrah.

Superintendent  Police Shah Faisal Colony Wajahat Hussain told LNN  that Dua Kazmi and Nimrah cases abducted from Al Falah are separate incidents. There is a difference between heaven & earth between them.

Responding to a question the SP Wajahat Hussain said that Nimrah would-be recovered soon & the case would-be investigated by the Malir district police.

In addition Dua Zahra  Kazmi was abducted by unknown assailants from out side his house on April 16 in Golden Town area of ​​Al Falah Karachi. Despite the passage of Nine days no trace of Dua Zahra Kazmi was found.

A Karachi police officer speaking on condition of anonymity said that  family members were also hiding some things from the police. After interrogation both  persons turned out to be innocent and they don't know the prayer from the beginning.

The KARACHI police officer said that the parents said that their daughter was a student of Seven class.