Missing and details of 14 year old Dua Kazmi

Missing and details of 14 year old Dua Kazmi

Dua Kazmi: News of Dua Kazmi disappearance from Karachi went viral from Sehri table police are still searching for him

Missing and details of 14 year old Dua Kazmi
Missing and details of 14 year old Dua Kazmi

Dua Kazmi Missing: Political turmoil erupted in Jinnah Bagh in Karachi on April 16 with emotional speeches & sloganeering at Pakistan Tehreek Insaf PTI rally. When the meeting ended at 2:30 pm a new story was born in  exhibition square a few steps away from the meeting place.

The story revolves around the disappearance Dua Kazmi of 14 year old  who is being sought by city police today.

In the month of Ramadan welfare organization Jafaria Disaster Cell organizes Sehri and Iftar for the fasting people at Namaish Chowrangi in Karachi.

Zafar Abbas head of  organization told the News that he was sitting after the people had been sehri that night when Dua Kazmi father Syed Mehdi Ali Kazmi his mother and aunt came and told him that his daughter was missing but police She is not listening and is saying that she is busy in the meeting.

After that Zafar Abbas made a video with girl father in which Inspector General Sindh DG Rangers & other officials were appealed & it was said that you too will have a daughter feel their pain after which this video Went viral  authorities took notice.

Dua Kazmi  went to throw garbage

Syed Mehdi Ali is a resident of Golden Town Korangi. He is associated with the IT sector and works from home. He said his Dua Lazmi 14 year old daughter Dua had gone down the street at around 12 noon to dump garbage & had disappeared.

We found out from the neighbors but no one saw it. There were no cameras in the 2 cameras. The police & we have not-been able to find any trace yet he said.

Mehdi Kazmi has 3 daughters of whom Dua Kazmi was the eldest. He says he didn't send Dua to school after Corona and thought he would be vaccinated but that was not possible.

Three research teams of Dua Kazmi

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The incident took place within  confines of Al Falah police station in Karachi & according to Mehdi Kazmi earlier the police were not ready to listen to him but now all the agencies including Rangers & intelligence are active & all this became possible when Zafar Abbas The video went viral.

He said that AIG Ghulam Nabi Memon and other officials visited house of Mehdi Kazmi Father of Dua Kazmi & assured his cooperation.

AIG Ghulam Mr  Nabi Memon dismissed the notion that there was a lack of trust in police.

He said that he didn't think that it was a non cooperation of  Sindh police but it was a natural process that in such cases the family & parents wanted their child to return as soon as possible but the police did their best. Is doing

At present three teams are working & the SSP Anti Violent Crime Cell is monitoring it.

Why do we prefer making videos to helping in difficult times ?

Ransom & identification

Mehdi Kazmi said that he had received 2 messages on WhatsApp asking 4 ransom. Not done

Missing Dua Kazmi : Zafar Abbas of JDC said that parents are being harassed through misleading information & blackmailing. They also got a call from Hyderabad. This person said that they know where the girl is.

Missing and details of 14 year old Dua Kazmi

Missing and details of 14 year old Dua Kazmi

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They gave him his father number to tell him the police raided Sanghar on his identification & a 14 15 year old girl was recovered from there. The girl was also from Karachi but she was not Dua Kazmi.

According to Mehdi Kazmi he has suspicions about some of  neighbors about whom he has informed the Karachi police. He is confident that his daughter will recover soon but he is still worried.

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