Looking at the hashtag  itni Vigo Kaha Se Lao gy ? on Twitter in Pakistan

 Itni Vigo Kaha Se Lao ge:  &  tweets made under it you may have come up with this innocent question, what is the point of panicking about this extremely useful pickup truck?

Itni Vigo Kaha Se lao ge ? : But the word Vigo' is trending on Pakistani social media at the moment and the reason is not that a new model of this pickup truck is coming in the market whose features people are anxious to know.

Itni Vigo Kaha Sy Lao gy

For former human rights minister Shirin Mazari, the placard was his favorite saying Itni Vigo Kaha Se Lao g ? !

It is unknown at this time what he will-do after leaving the post. But the reference to Kali Vigo has grown so much that it has become a trend on social media with some PTI supporters advising each other to be wary of Vigo.

What is Vigo?

The name Wego 1st came to light when Toyota 1st introduced seventh generation of its popular pickup truck Hilux  in 2004 in Thailand.

Itni Vigo Kaha Se Lao ge : The Toyota Hilux was introduced in 1968 &  is a combination of the names High & Luxury.

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How to avoid Vigo

& what started in Pakistan last night with Vigo is not limited to this. Social activist Galali Ismail  based on his four years of experience . also told young-people some precautionary measures to avoid Vigo.

Itni Vigo Kaha Se Lao ge : He suggests installing cameras in house & its memory disk in a secret place. If picked up make footy public immediately.

Itni Vigo Kaha Se Lao ge

Itni Vigo Kaha Se Lao ge

Itni Vigo Kaha Se Lao ge

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According to him video is best proof. Everywhere you look today tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. Write a report to police immediately even if an FIR is not taken persist at least write a diary. & running a Twitter trend is up to you.