Important Hukomat Na Manzoor is Trending in Twitter Pakistan

Maryam Aurangzeb accuses PTI of using boats to run Important Hukomat Na Manzoor Fake trends: Evidence of substandard traffic but not the whole hashtag  Important Hukomat Na Manzoor  Fake.

Important Hukomat Na Manzoor : There is no doubt that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf PTI is the first political party in country to be ahead of other parties in conveying its message through social media not only to Pakistan but also to thousands of The Pakistanis living abroad. Maybe thats why many people have sarcastically called it a social media party.

Important Hukomat Na Manzoor
Important Hukomat Na Manzoor

Evidence of substandard traffic in Important Hukomat Na Manzoor imported government acceptable but not the whole hashtag fake in Twitter

Regarding Important Hukomat Na Manzoor trend initiated by PTI and Maryam Aurangzeb,s claim Asad said that he had seen the tweet I think his claim is very basic to say the least.

Investigating statistics is a whole science he says. 1 cannot simply conclude using such a small sample size or one of the thousands of algorithms available on online platforms that such and such a political Important Hukomat Na Manzoor hashtag is fake.

According to Asad Baig,l you can't form a definitive opinion about hashtag traffic. This includes organic promotional opportunistic promotional resistance & unauthorized traffic.

Important Hukomat Na Manzoor : You can identify unauthorized activity in any political or non political hashtag using various means. I've got a lot of unauthorized traffic in all the political hashtags including  trend of Important Hukomat Na Manzoor imported government these days but to say that the whole hashtag is fake' is probably not true he said.

When it comes to trends most analysts agree that PTI has no competition. I have often heard people jokingly say, If Pakistans elections are held on social media the PTI will surely win.

Following the success of the no confidence motion against former Prime Minister Imran Khan this month and the appointment of Shahbaz Sharif as the new Prime Minister, the PTI started the trend of Important Hukomat Na Manzoor imported_government_approved with over 60 million tweets so far according to PTI. Have been done.

Important Hukomat Na Manzoor trend is still number one on Twitter, with over 3.4 million tweets used in the last 24 hours.

And the hard work of these users has not been in vain, PTI Chairman & former PM of Pakistan Imran Khan Niazi addressing a rally in Karachi thanked these social media workers and Keyboard Warriors & said Greetings to you that the trend of Important Hukomat Na Manzoor imported_government_approved is still at the top of  world.

However addressing a press conference on Monday PML N spokesperson Maryam Aurangzeb claimed that robots were behind Important Hukomat Na Manzoor trends created on Twitter.

Explaining how tweets are being sent from robotic accounts he said, These robotic tweets are generated through software and  people of Pakistan are being misled by making false statements hatred in the country. & the chaos is being spread the truth of this imported statement has come to us.

Using the hashtag Important Hukomat Na Manzoor .

 ( Imported_Government_ NaMantoor ) he said about the alleged fake trend that tweets are being sent from 924 handles of which only 177 are real people and only 33 are real accounts. He claimed that 75% of the unauthorized traffic coming from these 924 accounts is behind 532 bots.

Apparently something went wrong with Maryam Aurangzeb . He shared this analysis and wrote wrong hashtags in both tweets. You will also be familiar with mood of other Twitter users. Think about what happened.

Important Hukomat Na Manzoor : It so happened that the hashtag with which Maryam Aurangzeb tweeted has ' Manzoor ' Important Hukomat Na Manzoor written in it while the hashtag run by PTI has the word ' Manzoor ' in it.

One user shared an edited video of the most advanced robot Emeka ever in which when the robot is asked what's going on in his brain he further replies  Important Hukomat Na Manzoor Imported government disapproved.

In one photo a robot wrench is seen carrying a sign that reads Is-not the trend loose from somewhere?

Most of the users were seen sharing their Salafis saying Look I am a boot while 1 of them tagged Maryam Aurangzeb and said Look I have found these robots and they are like Rajinikanth.

Important Hukomat Na Manzoor : Another user wrote , Family members say stop eating and drinking from today bots don't eat food.

After Maryam Aurangzeb's press conference, many people tried to tell her that your team has wasted its time by analyzing the wrong hashtag Important Hukomat Na Manzoor while some people have also claimed that this wrong hashtag is PML N. Started by

Speaking to the News  Arsalan Khalid former prime minister's focal person for digital media rejected Maryam Aurangzeb's claim claiming that Maryam Aurangzeb's own team and her own people started the wrong hashtag so that our organic hash Let the tag go down. 

Important Hukomat Na Manzoor : Before we get into the debate over who is claiming the truth it is important to know what a Twitter boot is how it works & how to identify unauthorized activity in a trend.

The British News has spoken to Asad Baig director of Media Matters for Democracy which monitors trends around  world including in Pakistan.

Important Hukomat Na Manzoor

Important Hukomat Na Manzoor

Important Hukomat Na Manzoor
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Did Maryam Aurangzeb's team analyze  wrong hashtag ? Important Hukomat Na Manzoor ?

Important Hukomat Na Manzoor In his opinion did Maryam Aurangzeb's team analyze  wrong hashtag ?

But he says It does not matter because this is not a cricket match for the one who has the most tweets to win especially when there are only 3.4 million Pakistani accounts on Twitter .. A very small segment of the Pakistani population is represented on this platform.

Important Hukomat Na Manzoor : The real question is whether it comes from either side, but when the hatred and violence on Twitter and other digital platforms (like TikTok ) comes out of these platforms and into our lives then we ( as What will  nation do?

Important Hukomat Na Manzoor : Assad asks Where will all this stop? What is our responsibility? What is the responsibility of our political leaders? Is it right to incite hatred or violence in any way ? These are the questions that Maryam Aurangzeb & everyone involved in Pakistani politics should ask.

Political talk on social media is getting worse these days  it because Pakistan,s political parties from enticing voters to proving their rhetoric have waged their war on social media?

Important Hukomat Na Manzoor : Asad Baig says that "political discourse is very distorted there is an atmosphere of intolerance and personal attacks are being made on each other. He says that what we see on social media platforms today is ours. Reflects  society & obviously it isn't limited to social media.

Anonymous digital platforms have made it easier to incite violence and hatred.

He believes that our problem today is not social media Twitter and others but growing polarization & hatred in society. If social media does not disappear today then society will find another way to increase this hatred. Assad believes we need to address  underlying problem.