Florida Celebrity Monkeys Hollywood International Airport Lauderdale

Florida Celebrity Monkeys Hollywood International Airport Lauderdale

In jungle near the Hollywood International Airport in Lauderdale Florida African monkeys are a kind of celebrity in This area.

Florida Celebrity Monkeys Hollywood International Airport Lauderdale
Florida Celebrity Monkeys Hollywood International Airport Lauderdale

If you happen to go to Hollywood International Airport in Lauderdale Florida, USA United States  of America you will see Many monkeys roaming around  airport & in the parking lots jumping & jumping for food.

 Florida  Hollywood International Airport Monkeys They are so fearless & fearless that they take food with their hands. But they Monkeys are  pay close attention to Harleen Caldera the lady in charge of the parking area Florida Hollywood International Airport because she brings them food.

Similar scenes pass through the eyes of visitors to India,s Taj Mahal 1 of the seven wonders of world. In Hindu Dharma since monkeys have a sacred place not-only are they seen jumping freely in most of the cities & towns of this country but their snatching is also often overlooked.

Despite their jumping & mischief these Florida monkeys have  status of celebrities. Local newspapers & TV channels often publish reports & news about them. Interestingly these monkeys do not belong to the United States of America because there are no monkeys on this continent. & you will be even more surprised to know that these are fugitive and runaway monkeys. There is a kind of aggression in their temperament. Under the Department of Wildlife Act animals  pose a threat to indigenous species of wildlife are killed but the Department is lenient with these monkeys.

Herlin Caldera brings food for the monkeys. They are very familiar with it. 1 March 2022

These are monkeys of the genus Vorot & belong to the continent of Africa. About a dozen monkeys of this breed were imported from Africa to the local zoo in the 1940s. Some of these monkeys managed to escape from the zoo about 70 years ago. Their base is a mangrove forest near the Florida Hollywood International airport spread over an area of ​​1,500 acres. Mangrove plants & trees grow in dense and swampy soils. Obviously it is not easy to find & catch a few monkeys in such a large and difficult forest so they are living with great pleasure and freedom. Wildlife experts say that in these 70 years about 40 of their offspring have grown. Have done According to a conservative estimate by Geographic National for 2022, their number may now be around 600.

Mr Deborah Williams is a professor of science at Lane University. She has been researching these monkeys since 2014. In Africa she says this species of monkey is endangered by wild beasts eagles & snakes that kill & eat them while here in Lauderdale vehicles & predators are a threat to their lives. A stream passes near the forest on which many times the monkeys have been crushed by  speeding vehicles. Predators also lurk around to catch them and sell them at exorbitant prices. You may be surprised to learn that there is no shortage of people in the United States of America who keep monkeys in their homes like pets.

The color of the Florida monkeys of the Orot breed is grayish black with a hint of green. This particular color helps them to hide in  branches & leaves of trees. The male monkey is about 2 feet long & weighs 15 pounds while the female monkey can only reach 1 and a half feet & weighs about 10 pounds only. Monkeys of this breed usually live up to 20 years.

Maybe there something to eat inside this car that,s why so many monkeys are hovering around it. 1 March2022

Monkeys have their own way of life & they live a kind of social life. He lives with his family until he becomes an adult. At the age of five, when they reach puberty they start looking for a mate & then start their separate life together.

Monkeys do not usually live in largest groups. When his group grows up he splits into 2 & finds another area for himself in the forest.

Wildlife officials say monkeys are divided into 4 groups and live in different parts of the forest in this Florida forest Jungle. Most of  people watching are monkeys that live in this part of the forest near the Florida Hollywood International  airport.

A family of monkeys. The baby,s name is Bella. Both parents live with him like a shadow at all times so that he is safe. 1 March 2022

Monkeys live in  forest all day long. When the sun goes down they head to the airport for their eating dinner party. Wildlife department boards can be seen in the area on which it is written Boards that wildlife should not be made beggars by adding food items let them find their own food. But this warning seems to be ignored. People give them something. Professor Williams explains that monkeys eat wild fruits but they like things that are part of the human diet, especially sweet & salty foods. 1 of the reasons they come to  airport is to get the food of their choice.

This is the moment when they spread smiles on people,s faces with their jumping & mischief and they become helpless and start saving their memory in camera of their smartphone. Some people even try to Somehow a picture of him with  monkeys came.

The scenes are especially enjoyable 4 people when a plane approaches Florida Hollywood International airport with its roaring sound & monkeys jump & hug each other in fear. But often they also have fights. Deborah Williams teaches them that good kids do Not fight. Williams has been with them for seven years. Now they listen to him. When they say no to fighting they quietly walk away & then go back to the trees to sleep. Maybe in their sleep they would dream of a wonderful morning.

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