FIA : Farah Khan booked luxury Car and branded handbags

Federal investigation Agancy Case : Farah Khan booked a luxury car worth Rs 7 crore. The accused fled after consuming the money.

Why are women,s luxury and branded handbags so expensive?

Farah Khan booked a luxury car worth Rs 7 crore. The accused fled after consuming the money.

Web desk: Farhat Shahzadi alias Farah Khan a friend of the first lady Khation Awak  had booked a luxury car worth Rs. 70 million paid an advance of Rs.

Farah Khan :The Federal Investigation Agency FIA has registered a-case in which Farah Khan has written her real name as Farhat Shahzadi.

Islamabad :According to the FIA  Federal investigation Agancy case is under investigation. The accused has filed the country. The accused has consumed the money of all the persons.

The Federal investigation Agancy FIA ​​said that 7 FIRs were also registered against the accused by the Islamabad police besides NAB is also investigating the matter.

The position of the father in law of Farah Khan (Farah Shehzadi ) a close friend of the first lady Khatoon e Awal came to the fore Farah Khan 1st Insta Story after news of her departure to Dubai took every 1 by surprise

Why are women's luxury & branded handbags so expensive?

The Diamond Himalayan Birkin bag is said to be the most expensive bag. It was valued at  300,000 & sold for  400,000 in a single bid after becoming rare in 2017.

If you get Rs 10 million from some where what will you do with it ? The answer of  majority of  population of Pakistan will be that with this money they will arrange a plot or build a house or invest it in some business.

But there is-also a class that would prefer to buy a handbag with that money. Just a handbag.

4 readers like me who are shocked to hear of spending crores of rupees on a bag suffice it to say You know the price of a Hermes Birkin bag middle class babu

Hermes Chanelvb Fendi Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs are the names of fashion brands that are now circulating on Pakistani social media with pictures of many women.

Even if a woman,s politics or a distant relationship with a politician comes out interest of the opponents in the price of  things they use increases even more. & they are also held accountable 4 this luxury.


1such photo recently went viral of a woman named Farah Khan ( Farah Sehahzadi ) who is considered a close associate of the first lady  & whose own Instagram account also reveals that her uncles & aunts frequently visited PM  Imran Khan house in Bani Gala. Have been

The image that went viral Farah Khan was about the news of his alleged departure to Dubai during the political turmoil in the country but the eyes of  consumers fell directly on his bag.  purple leather bag is said to be worth more than a crore rupees in Pakistani rupees.

Are these bags really that expensive ?

This claim was confirmed by fashion designer & critic Mohsin Saeed while talking to NEws . Why is the price of this particular bag Hormuz Birkin & many other such brands so high?

Farah Khan Luxury & branded handbags and Luxury Car Booking : Mohsin Saeed response to this while taking a class of several middle classes including this correspondent said that you should understand luxury Explaining  luxury he further said that they don't work like ordinary brands. ۔ They have their own method of branding marketing and sales.

Farah Khan : These brands have made a name 4 them selves over decades while some have made a name for themselves over a hundred and 50 years of history. What is special about them is that their designs are not manufactured in  factory in bulk but are crafted by hand under custom order.

Then there is the value of  idea which belongs to their designers.

Farah Luxury Car Booking : Three Their websites or outlets are not such that any one can go to them & see price tag and make a purchase. In addition to crafts &  crafts  materials used in their manufacture are excellent and the after sales services are even better.

Are these Handbags really made of fish skin?

Regarding the Birkin bag of Hormuz brand Mohsin Saeed says that it is made of fish skin. In addition many bags are made of ostrich skin.

According to Mohsin Saeed Now these goats are-not 4 collecting skins after sacrifice these rare animals have to be farmed. & their skins are made usable by going through a very expensive & complicated process. But bags made of fish fur are usually colorful. Now it is not muslin if you go to  market and dye it then their price reaches millions.

luxury & branded handbags

luxury & branded handbags

luxury & branded handbags

luxury & branded handbags

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Can anyone buy these bags ?

If you have money in your pocket &  intention in your heart to buy a designer brand worth lakhs of rupees if not crores will you go to their shop ? Withdraw money pick up bags and head home?

Farah luxury & branded handbags : It is not. For brands like Hermes you have to correspond firs perhaps at their own expense to arrange a representative meeting 4 tea or lunch at 1 of the most expensive restaurants. If you are not their old client then you may have to wait for many months. Customs order matters will be settled as if the relationship between 2 families is being settled. If you like them you can expect to get  product.

American talk show host Oprah Winfrey refused to show  bag

Oprah Winfrey  a well known American celebrity &  media personality claimed in 2013 that during her stay in Zurich Switzerland a designer bag sales girl refused to show her the bag saying that That it is more expensive for them. bag cost 38,000.

Oprah thinks she wanted to touch the bag and was discriminated against. Later when the matter came up in the media brand owner apologized to them & termed it as a misunderstanding.

Which is the most expensive bag in the world?

Diamond Himalayan Birkin bag is said to be the most expensive bag. It was valued at  300,000 & sold for  400,000 in a single bid after becoming rare in 2017.

But the bag, made of a special kind of fish skin is dyed white & gray in such a way that the white color resembles the raised rocks of Himalayas. Its hardware uses 18 carat white gold & diamonds.

Which is the class that uses international luxury in Pakistan?

According to Mohsin Saeed there is a class in Pakistan which has been rich 4 many generations. They always have bags and jewelry worth millions. Although few in number.

They don't squander their wealth. These women carry a bag of this value with a simple white gold saree with a gold thread. But it doesn't show off. That decent thing to do & it should end there.

According to Mr Mohsin Saeed the 2nd category is those who have recently acquired wealth. They also carry a couple of luxury items but also use Chinese copies.

A third segment tends to compete with these 2 segments toward luxury brands.

As a result of all this talk Raqam noticed that if the craftsmanship the handicrafts &  t originality of the design are what make the product a luxury then this luxury exists in the streets of Pakistan. Khadi weaving block printing cotton spun yarn hand embroidery Ajrak hand dyed stitches ... Luxury is every where.

The conversation ended with Mr Mohsin Saeeds promise to take 10 thousand rupees with me to Karachi  Zainab Market & generously buy luxury.