FIA ​​Arrested 10 People Involved in Propaganda Campaign Against Army

 The FIA ​​arrested 10 people involved in the propaganda campaign against the army

Military leadership notices propaganda campaign on social media arrests several people from different cities

The FIA ​​arrested 10 people involved in the propaganda campaign against the army.

Formation Commanders Conference Pakistan chaired by Pakistan,s Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa  has taken stern notice of Pakistan,s propaganda campaign to discredit the Pakistan army on social media  by some quarters saying that Such a campaign is an attempt to bridge  gap between  institution & society.

notices propaganda campaign : A statement issued by Army Public Relations Department said that Pakistani forces have always stood by state institutions & will continue to do so in self defense with out any compromise.

Statement said that  Pakistan Army Chief in his address to the officers said that Pakistan Army was aware of its responsibilities & was fully capable of protecting borders as well as countering internal & external threats.

According to ISPR  forum expressed full confidence in  leadership of the military & the steps it has taken to uphold  constitution & rule of law at all costs.

Also Campaign against  judiciary on Pakistan army : FIA starts arrests

The FIA  Federal Investigation Agency  on Tuesday arrested several people on charges of campaigning on social media against Pakistan army chief  & the high court & launched an investigation against them.

According to an FIA Federal investigation Agancy official a man has been arrested from Lahor Sabzazar arrest on charges of creating a trend on social media against pakistan army chief while another person has been arrested from Multan in this regard.

notices propaganda campaign : According to FIA Federal investigation Agancy officials accused arrested from Lahore is said to belong to a political party. Apart from this arrests have also been made from Gujarat Peshawar & Also  Karachi. According to FIA officials  Cyber ​​Crime Wing has tracked down more than 2,000 accounts on social media from where a conspiracy was being launched against  military of Pakistan & its leader.

According to FIA Federal investigation Agancy officials these accounts have been cre_ated on social media during the last 6 months & 50,000 pages of the campaign against intelligence agencies have been shortlisted. According to federal investigation Agancy FIA officials  intelligence agencies had informed federal investigation Agancy FIA ​​about the details of these accounts & the areas from which these accounts are being operated.

According to the authorities 10 people have been arrested in  light of this information.

According to an Federal investigation Agancy FIA official a campaign was also being launched on social media against the judges of  High Court. Declaring it null & void  no confidence motion against Imran Khan was ordered to be tabled in  National Assembly Pakistan.

Order of action as soon as PM Shahbaz Sharif assumes office

notices propaganda campaign : According to an Interior Ministry official PM Shahbaz Sharif after taking over as  Prime Minister on Sunday took notice of this  issued clear instructions to  prudent authorities to start crackdown on such persons immediately. In addition to country,s intelligence agencies & their chiefs are campaigning on social media against higher judiciary.

The FIA ​​arrested 10 people involved in the propaganda campaign against the army.

The FIA ​​arrested 10 people involved in the propaganda campaign against the army.

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A meeting chaired by Director General DG federal investigation Agancy FIA considered these issues and after receiving details of such accounts from the intelligence agencies disciplinary action was intensified against them.

According to the official directors & cyber crime wing of Peshawar  Karachi lahor  & Islamabad have been tasked to take immediate action & identify the culprits & take legal action. 10 people have been arrested so far according to an  federal investigation Agancy cybercrime official.

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