Fake US agent claims links to ISI Pakistan

Mr Aryan Tahir zada 40 Mr Haider Ali 35 were arrested on Wednesday for allegedly posing as Homeland Security investigators.

One of the 2 men arrested in the United States for allegedly posing as a US United States federal security official & accessing the secret service that provides security to President Joe Biden has claimed links to Pakistani inter services Intelligence ISI.

Fake US agent claims links to ISI Pakistan

The 2 suspects were arraigned for 1st time on Thursday according to AFP .  prosecution has asked the court not-to release on bail Aryan Tahir zada 40  &  Haider Ali 35 who were arrested on Wednesday for allegedly posing as Homeland Security investigators.

The suspects are also accused of offering lucrative privileges to members of  Secret Service including a security guard for 1st Lady Jill Biden.

Joshua Rothstein assistant attorney for Department of Justice told the court during a hearing Thursday that Mr Haider Ali was arrested in 2019 a few months before the 2 defendants raised money with security personnel living in his apartment building in Washington D.C Has traveled to Pakistan Turkey Qatar and Iran.

He further added that Haider Ali had also claimed in front of  witnesses that he had links with Pakistani  Inter Services Intelligence ISI.

However the Justice Department has not yet declared  case a national security issue & it is being investigated as a criminal case. However Secret Service has suspended 4 agents in connection with the case.

Inter Services Intelligence ISI  Agent: The Secret Service said in a statement that all officials involved in case are on administrative leave & have been denied access to Secret Services facilities equipment and systems.

According to an affidavit submitted to  court Tahirzada & Haider Ali are both American citizens who lived in a residential building in Washington DC where several officials belonging to federal security agencies also live.

Tahir zada & Haider Ali : According to the affidavit  accused also showed uniforms & documents to some of these agents to convince them that they were Special Homeland Security investigators.

Both men were initially charged with posing as US United States government officials & could face up to 3 years in prison. However Rothstein told the court that  charge could be extended to conspiracy which carries a maximum sentence of 5 years in prison.

Although the motives of the 2 men are unclear at one point they even hired a third party to investigate an individual working with the Department of Defense & the intelligence community. Has been

According to the affidavit Tahir zada had given free apartments in his residential building to several employees of the Secret Service & Homeland Security at a monthly rent of up to  4,000.

According to  affidavit they also provided them with iPhones surveillance systems televisions & other equipment used by law enforcement officials.

Tahir zada had offered a  2,000 assault rifle to a Secret Service agent working in the US United States First Lady's team & offered other benefits, including giving his car to agent's wife.

According to  affidavit  Mr Tahir zada and Mr Haider Ali were apparently in control of several apartments in  building in which they lived & Tahir zada also had access to the building's complete security system.

Fake US agent claims links to ISI Pakistan

Fake US agent claims links to ISI Pakistan

Fake US agent claims links to ISI Pakistan

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In addition the 2 suspects were driving black GMCSUVs with emergency lights. These vehicles are commonly used by law enforcement officials in the US United States.

Mr Tahir zada also had several handguns used by US federal law enforcement agencies & showed people that he had secure access to US United States Homeland Security computer systems.report Sources by Voice Of America.