Dua Zahra case: Alleged marriage seeker Ghulam Mustafa was taken into custody

Lahore :Ghulam Mustafa an alleged nikah seeker was taken into custody in the case of Dua Zahra Kazmi who went missing from Karachi but he refused to perform nikah.

Dua Zahra case: Alleged Nikah Khowa Ghulam Mustafa Arrested

Dua Zahra Case : Punjab Police sources said that the police is investigating the marriage seeker Ghulam Mustafa.

According to sources groom said that he didn't perform this marriage.

Dua Zahra case: Alleged Nikah Khowa Ghulam Mustafa Arrested

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Dua Zahra Kazmi : According to police sources Ghulam Mustafa while giving a statement to  police said that the writing of the marriage certificate seems to have-been seen.

Dua Zahra Kazmi father is still unaware of  girl's marriage

It should be noted that so far nothing is known about missing 14 ager  girl Dua Zahra Kazmi from Karachi. However his marriage certificate has come to light. When the Tv News team reached Raiwind Road at  address of the boy listed on  marriage certificate it turned out to-be fake.

They have already sold their house & moved to Okara 3 years ago. While  address of  groom has also turned out to be wrong.

Dua Zahra Kazmi case : Earlier Sindh police had claimed that the missing Dua Zahra Kazmi had-been identified & was in Lahore. The girl is married. When different teams of Lahore police reached  addresses of  boys marriage seekers &  witnesses in the marriage certificate all of them turned out to be fake.

Dua When did Zahra Kazmi get married? What is his age written?

Dua Zahra Kazmi Case : When the Geo News team reached these addresses to search 4 Dua Zahra Kazmi they found out that all the addresses listed on  marriage certificate were incorrect.

On the marriage certificate the date of birth of the boy Zaheer Ahmed is recorded as 17th December, 2001 Address C Block, Sher Shah Colony, Raiwind. Zaheer brother Shabbir sold  house 3 years ago. Now there is a doctor's clinic here.

Dua Zahra's  Kazmi marriage certificate does not state her date of birth but she is 18 years old. Union Council Babu Sabo & Residence Millat Park Shera Kot Lahore are registered while the date of marriage is 17th April 2022. The amount of Haq Mahr has-been fixed at Rs. 50,000.

Hafiz Ghulam Mustafa's address is Mozang Road Lahore which is fake.

One of witnesses of the marriage is Zaheer's brother Shabbir Ahmed and the other witness Asghar Ali Haveli Lakha is a resident of Depalpur Okara.

Dua Zahra Kazmi case : According to a Lahore police spokesman Sindh police provided the girl's marriage certificate. Dua Zahra Kazmi is still being sought. Only after  girl's recovery will the real facts come to light.