Delhi Jahangir Puri riots: Why Hindus remain silent on anti Muslim hate campaign in India Voilence?

Illegal encroachments were demolished by bulldozers in Jahangir Puri area of ​​Delhi on the orders of ruling party BJP.

Voilence: Delhi's Jahangir Puri area is currently under police siege, where a curfew has been imposed following religious riots during a Hanuman Jayanti procession on Saturday. Hundreds of policemen are stationed there.

Violence : Delhi's Jahangir Puri riots: Why Hindus remain silent on anti Muslim hate campaign in India?

Voilence Delhi Jahangir Puri : No outsiders are allowed to enter area. This morning on the orders of local municipality under  control of the ruling party Bharat Janta Party BJP  illegal encroachments were demolished by bulldozers.

The Supreme Court of India has now stayed the demolition proceedings. Several Muslims have been arrested for rioting. Some Hindus have also been detained 4 marching without permission. atmosphere is tense.

Voilence Delhi's Jahangir Puri: Earlier dozens of Muslims were arrested & their houses demolished after violence riots erupted during a Ram Naomi procession in Khargone town of Madhya Pradesh last week.

The demolition of houses by bulldozers was proudly shown on TV News channels.  BJP government has been dubbed bulldozer government.

Bajrang Mani is a young flamboyant Hindu sadhu. He was speaking at a rally under police protection saying that if a Muslim molested a Hindu girl he would r.a.p.e ordinary Muslim women & girls.

Voilence: Delhi's Jahangir Puri : Another fiery statement & stern sadhu Swami Yeti Narsingh Nand Saraswati in a gathering of Hindu sadhus urges Hindus to have as many children as possible or else in a few years Hindus will become a minority in India & take over the Muslim government. Will do

A campaign against loudspeakers is also underway in several states of the country.

This chain of hatred against Muslims is long &  Muslims can. Many analysts believe that this hate campaign & this provocation appear to be part of an organized plan.

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Voilence: Delhi's Jahangir Puri : Leading journalist Sakshi Joshi says the ruling BJP indian has instilled in the minds of Hindus that all decisions in past have gone wrong by dreaming of correcting history & establishing Hindu Rashtra.

On the silence of the Hindus on the current situation Sakshi says that  Hindus of India have-been given  opium of religion.

BJP & the RSS through a submissive media and the historic silence of Indian judiciary have made it clear to Hindus that there is no injustice being done to Muslim. Rather they deserve the same treatment.

Delhi's Jahangir Puri riots: Why Hindus remain silent on anti Muslim

Delhi's Jahangir Puri riots Why Hindus remain silent on anti Muslim

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Voilence Delhi's Jahangir Puri : She says You can see that the Mughal emperors are being prepared to avenge all defeats in history by associating them with today's Muslims. The whole state machinery, social media and even movies are being used for propaganda. An army of lies &  hatred has been formed in front of which very few truth tellers are found.

Many do not have courage & even those who have the courage get a little lost in their words. Those who still raise their voices-are dismissed as urban Naxals enemies of the country and .

According to him current trend of hatred violence and discrimination against Muslims hasn't been-seen in the last several decades. The majority of Muslims as well as Hindus were not ready ⁴ such a hateful atmosphere. Political parties that were initially vocal are now raising their voices.