Arooj Aftab  first Pakistani singer to win a Grammy Award

Grammy Awards: Pakistani American singer Arooj Aftab has won the award for Best Global Music Performance for her song  Mohabbat  highest Grammy Awards in world of music. Arooj Aftab

Arooj Aftab : in Grammy Awards Best Global Performance category  song Mohabbat was chosen. She wrote in an Instagram post that & the 1st Pakistani woman is a Grammy winner - Urooj Aftab

A large number of fans including celebrities are congratulating Arooj Aftab on this great achievement.

Arooj Aftab  first Pakistani singer to win a Grammy Award

Arooj Aftab  ghazal was also considered as one of his favorite songs by former United State President Barack Obama.

Arooj Aftab said that the joy of winning a Grammy Award is not a tragedy ashe is Very Happy Arooj harmonizes classical music with folk & jazz in his songs.

Grammy awards: it may be recalled that Pakistani singer Arooj Aftab was nominated for the highest Grammy Award in  world of music this was the first time that a Pakistani singer was nominated in 2 categories.

Grammy awards: Arooj Aftab was nominated in the categories of Best Global Music Performance & Best New Artist. Award Surprisingly singers like Lady Gaga & Taylor Swift did not get many nominations this time.


Grammy award :Arooj Aftab is a 37 year old Pakistani Girl singer who was born in Saudi Arabia but returned home with Arooj  Aftab parents to start her music career in Pakistan Lahore  & studied at the Berkeley College of Music in the United States of America.

Arooj Aftab  first Pakistani singer to win a Grammy Award
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Urooj Aftab : So far he has released 3 solo albums.Urooj Aftab has been fascinated with classical music ghazals & qawwalis since his childhood. Apart from singing, he is also a musician and producer.