Actress Zoya Nasir Unveils Bitter Life Experience Married at a young age & divorced at the age of 19

Actress Zoya Nasir has revealed that they got married at a very young age & got divorced at the age of 19.

In an interview to a web channel Zoya Nasir talked about bitter experience of-her life & explained motives behind the early divorce. Every relationship from country will-be good but the reality is the opposite  said My ex husband was eight years older than me & we had differences on many issues.

Zoya Nasir Unveils Bitter Life Experience Married

husband who was beaten daily by his wife took a terrible step

After the marriage I was very afraid that I might get divorced because I was Much worried about what people would say. Then it happened shortly after the marriage. I tried my veey best but when everything did not work out I had to get a divorce myself.

It may not have hurt as much at time of the divorce as it-did after divorce. I am satisfied with my decision & my ex husband is married. They have children for whom I Be happy

Actress Zoya Nasir admitted that many people in showbiz said that your face is not that of  actress playing the lead role.

 Actress Zoya Nasir told about an incident that happened to her in Showbiz that once she went on a tour of United States when she returned, her skin color was a little dull the director of project I had signed told me Pointing to his face he said that this is what you have done to yourself.

Zoya Nasir Also said that  director offered me a bleaching injection & Zoya said that we do not want your color which surprised me and I apologized.

Zoya Nasir Unveils Bitter Life Experience Married

Zoya Nasir Unveils Bitter Life Experience Married

Zoya Nasir Unveils Bitter Life Experience Married

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The actress Zoya Nasir said that people think that there can be no story of a fat girl or Sanola color is a sign of ugliness but it is-not like that once I had to do a series whose story was that there is a girl who is very beautiful. Zoya understands but in reality she is ugly.

The standard of beauty & ugliness is different for everyon he said. Due to her ugliness my sisters relationship came because of her complexion.