Who is BTS Jin South Korean ? The most famous boy Music band disorder

Seven member Korean pop band BTS JIN  has also taken over social media & late night shows. But what exactly is BTS JIN and who is in it? Lets explain.

South Korean musical band BTS Jin has gained worldwide popularity in a short time.

Musical band consists of 7 youngsters who are famous for their voice as well as their beauty.

This Korean musical band BTS Jin  is also being liked a lot in Pakistan while the fans of this band are increasing with the passage of time.

Who is BTS Jin South Korea The most famous boy band disorder

On the social networking site Twitter a trend for BTS Jin  band BTS Our Love came to the fore in Pakistan while it started gaining popularity.

Using this hashtag Pakistani consumers are expressing their preference for this band.

Who is BTS Jin South Korea The most famous boy band disorder

Who is BTS Jin South Korea The most famous boy band disorder

However how did this hashtag start all of a sudden?

The Korean band actually performed their song Love Yourself during a concert in Brazil with Love written on the screen in several languages.

BTS jin  first exploded on Korean pop scenes in 2013 but it was not until 2016 that the seven year old boy band achieved international success. His contagious songs dance moves & of course good looks have captivated him with his level of fame and admiration for rivals even Battle Mania in the 60s. Climate change may be inevitable for the group but the individual members had a lot to do with their success. Here are some of the ones that make BTS jin a true.

Real Name: Short Name June Age 25

RM was the first member to be recruited for the boy band which basically made him a leader. BTS is a democracy she said of Miss Vogue 2018 acknowledging that many of the groups decisions were made by playing rock paper scissors. RM started with the underground rape war scene. He taught himself to speak English by watching every season friends.

Original name : Kim Sewak Jin age 27

The self proclaimed World Wide Handsome may refrain from making such comments because he was recruited into the group based on his appearance. At 27 he is the oldest member of the group and one of the groups sub voices. RM has described it as the head of the group

Original name: Man Yoon Ki age 26

Suga is the lead rapper of the group. Like RM he made his debut in the underground Korean rap scene. He joined  group with hardworking from an early age. Suga began writing songs when he was only 13 & later worked part time in a recording studio at a young age. Due to this experience he became not only a producer on some BTS tracks but also other artists.

Original name: Jang Ho Sewak age 26

Jay Hope was the third member to join the boy band. Although he was originally part of an underground dance troupe & was best known for his skills on  dance floor Jay Hope eventually expanded his skill set to include rapping & songwriting. Do not discount her dance though. She won several dance competitions with her dance crew Neuron.

Original name : Park Jiman age 24

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Jimenez was discovered while still in high dance learning modern dance. As a kid he studied at the Arts School with the bandMate V. He is best known for his innocence & murderous behavior. Jaiman is also known for donating for his charitable causes similar to educational programs in his hometown of Busan.

Original name : Kim Tai Hung age 24

V has the RnB arc of  group. However he is not only interested in the music business. In addition to writing and composing songs young artists also take up acting & photography. Jimenez calls her band mate Brett to GQUK but also admits that V has some maternal femininity that is ready for it.

Original name : Zhen Jingguk age 22

Youngest member of  group Jangkok joined when he was just 15 years old. He is the lead singer of the Boy Band & was a rising star in the Korean pop world before joining group. The king of the masked singer who also appeared on the Korean reality show joined BTS much to delight of his fans.