Usman Mirza sentenced to life in video scandal case

Five accused including Usman Mirza acquitted in E-11 video scandal case two accused acquitted

 Usman Mirza :court convicted five accused including  main accused Usman Mirza in a case of (se,-xually)harassing a couple making nude videos of them and forcing them to have ( s.ex)in a flat in Sector E-11 of Islamabad  federal capital of Pakistan. He has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Isman Mirza Case :The case was decided by Additional Sessions Judge Ata Rabbani on Friday morning.

Isman Mirza case : The court sentenced accused Usman Mirza Mohib Bangash Idris Qayyum Butt Hafiz Ata-ur-Rehman and Farhan Shaheen to life imprisonment while 2 accused Umar Bilal Marwat and Rehan Hussain were acquitted.

Usman Mirza acquitted in E-11 video scandal case two accused acquitted

The trial in this case  which came to light on July 6, 2021 Lasted for about five & a half months & on September 28 last year seven accused were indicted.Isman Mirza Case : Meanwhile in January 2022 couple changed their statement before the court and refused to pursue  case further. However the government decided to fight the case after the couple submitted an affidavit.

Usman Mirza Case Commenting on the verdict Federal Minister for Information Fawad Chaudhry said Despite deviation of the victim girl and the youth in the Usman Mirza case  acceptance of life imprisonment as evidence of modern technology is very welcome.

Usman Mirza Case : He said that only those societies climb the ladder of development where there is justice. Inshallah they are also close to justice in Sialkot and other cases.

It is believed that a video went viral on social media on July 6 last year in which it can- be seen that some people are forcing a couple to have( s.ex ) &  even torturing them if they do not do so.

After the video went viral Islamabad police officials took action and registered a case against Punjab Police Golra police station SHO & arrested seven persons including Usman Abrar alias Usman Mirza main accused in case. Taken

Usman Mirza Case PM Imran Khan also took notice of the incident & summoned the then Chief of Islamabad Police & directed to investigate the case as soon as possible & present the challan of the case in the relevant court.

Usman Mirza Cuase : The effect of taking notice of this incident by Prime Minister was that as long as the accused remained in police custody no 1 including the relatives of  accused was allowed to visit them and all the accused including you & the main accused in the case. He remained in police custody for ten days and was not allowed to take a bath or change his clothes. The accused also appeared before the court.

Statement under Section 164 of  Criminal Code

Usman Mirza Case :The victim couple also recorded a statement before the concerned magistrate Law under section 164 of the Criminal Procedure Code on 10  July 2021 in which they not only confirmed the occurrence of  incident but also the role of various accused in the incident. Also told about

Usman Mirza Case : On 16 July  2021 the victim couple went to Adiala Jail and identified three accused & the identification parade was completed under the supervision of a magistrate.

Usman mirza case Trial challan

On 26 September 2021  police presented  challan of this case in the relevant court in which shocking revelations were made about this incident & the police also included in this challan the statement of  affected couple given before the magistrate voluntarily.

According to the local Punjab police the victim girl in her statement to the magistrate said how the accused forced victim couple to have (s.ex) in the presence of the accused.

According to the challan submitted to  court Usman Mirza main accused in the case & Idris Qayyum Butt forced the victim to gang ( her fianc if he didn't have (s.e.x) with her in  presence of the accused. Will

Usman Mirza case :According to Punjab police challan victim had said during interrogation that since the accused had- taken off her fianc pajamas in their presence she was scared.

According to the police challan Usman Mirza the main accused in  case-not only slapped her but also forced her to walk around naked in front of the other accused for refusing to have (s.e.x) with her fianc in the presence of the accused.

Usman Mirza Case : The police challan also mentioned that Omar Bilal 1 of  accused in the case had at different times received Rs. This video will-be shown to his family.

On 28 September 28 2021 all accused were indicted but the accused denied the indictment.

Usman Mirza sentenced to life in  video scandal case

Usman Mirza sentenced to life in  video scandal case

Usman Mirza sentenced to life in  video scandal case

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Usman Mirza Case Court hearing

The trial began on October 3 and the statements of 26 prosecution witnesses were recorded in the case.

Usman Mirza Case :The trial was nearing completion when on 11 January 2022  couple filed an affidavit in the court of Additional Sessions Judge Ata Rabbani of Islamabad who was hearing the case. He declined to be identified saying he didn't want to pursue the case further.

Usman Mirza Case : The couple pleaded with the court that they didn't want to be part of  trial but  court rejected their plea saying they would have to appear in court.

After the victims refusal to identify the accused in the case the lawyers of the accused-during interrogation asked  victim questions about her relationship with her fianc on which the court restrained the lawyers of  accused from asking objectionable questions. Gave

According to Rana Hassan Abbas  public PPC prosecutor in  case the case registered against the accused also includes  Law section 354A of the Pakistan Penal Code which carries the death penalty & the law deals with forcibly stripping a woman in public. Unacceptable consent is a crime.