Threatening letter was written by the US :PM Imran Khan

I will not resign whatever decision is taken on the no confidence motion, I will come back strong, Prime Minister

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that a threatening letter was written by the United States  Of America stating that if Imran Khan remained Prime Minister then Pakistan would face difficulties.

Addressing the nation on state TV Prime Minister PM  Imran Khan said that he had an important point to say to nation.

He said that Father of Nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a great politician and lawyer. Most people did not know anyone before politics. Allah gave me everything. I still came into politics.

Threatening letter was written by the US :PM Imran Khan

Pm Imran khan said that my parents were born in the era of slavery, they participated in the movement of Pakistan & made me realize that you were born in a free country self determination is the identity of a free nation came into politics because our country The country that was the dream of Allama Iqbal and  the Father of Nation Muhammad Ali Jinnah can never be.

Threatening letter: Prime Minister imran khan said that Pakistan goal was to become an Islamic welfare state & its concept is  state of Madinah. When I started politics 25 years ago I included justice in  manifesto so that the law is equal 4 strong and the weak.

He said that Kalima Tayyaba frees a person from slavery. I had everything. Why would such a person enter politics after spending 22 years of his life? what is reason ? People used to ask me why I got into politics. He came 4 sake of his people.

PM Imran Khan said that a Muslim nation cannot become a slave nation slavery of money & fear is shirk all these are included in our manifesto if there is no faith then there is no politics.

Prime Minister  Imran Khan said that external forces influence our country. I decided that if we come to power then our country's foreign policy will be an independent policy which will be 4 Pakistanis a policy which will be based on our interests.

In the war on terror we were told in the same room that if we didn't support the United States, it would not kill us like a wounded bear. Only two years after the Afghan jihad United States imposed sanctions on us he said. Threatening letter: After that Washington needs our support but support we gave and Pakistanis sacrificed 80,000 lives no other NATO country has given so many lives.

Even though no Pakistani was involved in 9/11, we joined the war. Thousands of people were killed in drone strikes on weddings madrassas and other gatherings in the tribal areas. Which law says that your own? 1 you fight for will carry out drone attacks on you.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the message we have received for an independent country against a Prime Minister is actually against the whole nation he already knew that a no confidence motion was coming  in fact the opposition was already outside There were contacts with the people these people are only against Imran Khan, it is said that if Pm Imran Khan leaves then Pakistan will be forgiven if this movement fails then Pakistan will face difficulties.

Prime Minister said that this is an official document in which an ambassador said that if Imran Khan remains the Prime Minister then relations with you will be bad & the country will face difficulties. What is the status of him imposing decisions on us without giving any reason? & reason may be that the decision to go to Russia is wrong, the decision to go to Russia was actually made in consultation with the military and the Foreign Ministry.

Prime Minister imran khan said that the most painful thing is that their contacts are with the loyal slaves here they want those who are accused of corruption worth billions to come do we have such people in our country Will leadership come?

Prime Minister Imran Khan said Other countries expel their big men for petty corruption but now they are telling  people here to expel pm Imran Khan. They know how much corruption they have been doing here.

Prime Minister imran khan said that he liked our three people, what are some of their special things? During his rule, there were 400 US drone strikes, but he never resisted. According to WikiLeaks Molana Fazlur Rehman asked the Uinted State ambassador to Pakistan to give him a chance to serve.

Threatening letter was written by the US :PM Imran Khan

Threatening letter was written by the US :PM Imran Khan

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Prime Minister Imran Khan said that I do not oppose anyone but my first priority is 220 million people I will make foreign policy 4 them  purpose of  pml n Shahbaz Sharif coming to power is something else, your brother can not talk.