Murder of seven days old girl: Shahzeb was not happy with the birth of daughter

A man allegedly shot and killed his seven days old daughter in Mianwali district of Punjab province on Sunday because he was not happy with birth of his daughter.

The incident took place in Daud Khel town of Mianwali and police have not yet arrested the accused Shahziab

Murder of seven day old girl: Shahzeb was not happy with the birth of daughter
Murder of seven day old girl: Shahzeb was not happy with the birth of daughter

Speaking to the News Hidayatullah an eyewitness to the incident said-that Shahzeb a 22 year old accused snatched his daughter from his wife in front of him and fired at the girl with a cracker and a pistol.

Hidayatullah Khan is the uncle of the girl mother & according to him he was there at that time & had come with his nephew to visit his niece.

Punjab Police have registered a case of murder of the girl child at the instigation of Hidayatullah & raids are being carried out to arrest the accused.

Speaking to NewsHidayatullah said that his niece has not been conscious since the incident. She is given a sleeping pill & then when she regains consciousness she gets upset.

Shahziab wanted a son.

Hidayat ullah told the news that he was a resident of Daud Khel 35 km from Mianwali.

He said that his niece Mashal was married to accused Shahzeb only 2 & a half years ago and Shahzeb and his family live in Mianwali city.

Speaking to news Mashaal brother Kaleemullah said that Shahzeb had passed Inter and had done dispenser course but-was unemployed and was looking for a job.

He said the accused was his aunt's son & it was a cousin wedding since then the relationship between the couple has been cordial & never heard of any quarrel.

We went to congratulate. 

Hidayatullah said that he had gone to Mianwali house to congratulate his niece on-day of the incident.

Murder of seven day old girl: Shahzeb was not happy with the birth of daughter

Murder of seven day old girl Shahzeb was not happy with the birth of daughter

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She was my niece first daughter & she had no children before he said.

According to Hidayatullah his 2 nieces were married together some 2 & a half years ago. 1 sister was married to Daud Khel & the other to Mianwali. Both had daughters.

Hidayatullah told the news that it had been seven days since the baby was born and people were coming to her house to congratulate her.

My nephews & nieces were with me. We were sitting in a room in the niece house.

Shahzeb came home very angry.

Hidayatullah said that Shahzeb wasnot at home when he reached his niece house.

When he came home a little later he was angry and was making a lot of noise. He was saying that I would not leave my daughter alive.

As soon as he saw them Shahzeb entered his room where he snatched his daughter from his wife & threw her on the ground. accused then fired five shots at the girl which hit her on the right side.

According to the police report when Hidayatullah tried to apprehend the accused Shahzeb pulled out his weapon and fled the scene.

Niece is not conscious.

According to the FIR registered by Mianwali police Hidayatullah rushed the girl to l hospital but by then she was dead.

Giving details of the incident to  police Hidayatullah said that the accused Shahzeb wanted a son & was not happy about the birth of a daughter.

Speaking to the News he said he did not think the accused would make such an attempt yes it was true that the accused wanted a son so he was silent.

Hidayat ullah told the News Ever since the incident his niece has been in a trance. She is being given_sedative medicine then when she regains consciousness she misses her daughter again & faints. 

Police sources said that raids are being carried out-to nab accused and he will be arrested soon.

Such incidents have already taken-place in Pakistan on birth of girls. There are many areas in Pakistan where sons are preferred over daughters.

In May last year a father shot dead his 3 innocent daughters in Daud Khel area of ​​Mianwali. Locals said the accused wanted a son and had 3  daughters aged between one 3 a half to 4years.