Radhy Shyam review Public Reaction & box office collections.

There was a lot of noise for the release of Radhy Shyam a 1time romantic drama. Where Prabhas has made a big comeback since Baahubali The Radhy Shyam film was released on March 11 2022. & the reviews are a bit mixed.

Radhy Shyam review Public Reaction & box office collections.

Who is the movie about Radhy Shyam?

1976 Europe Famous palmist Vikramaditya Prabhas left for Italy after telling then Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi that he would impose emergency in India. He believes that astrology is a-science that is 100% accurate. On the other hand his guru Pramahas Krishnam Raju has a theory that astrology can predict up to 99% not 100%. The remaining 1% write their destiny & make history called paramahas from which Vikramaditya is different.

He later meets the girl on way. & with little or no love for each other. 2 fall in love. And that how it all begins.

Reviews are on mixed lines

Some people say thatfilm is flawed which initially slowed down whole cinematography. The visuals are good but director couldn't handle the script-well. Making movie completely boring.

However  some say that performance of the film is low. It is even saidthat  story will-be liked only if the audience has no hope. The genre suggested it be a romantic drama so if the audience expects something like that it is up to them.

Some tweets from viewers radhy Shyam

According to the producer Radhe Shyam is worth Rs 300 crore. Umair Sindhu a member of the Overseas Censor Board, apparently watched Radhy Shyam &expressed his views on Twitte as the first review of the film.

Radhy Shyam review Public Reaction & box office collections.
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Box office collections Radhy Shyam

It is hoped that the collection will increase as the film is released over weekend. We will post the collection statistics as soon as they become available.