On International Happiness Day Pakistan surpassed India

Pakistan has over taken India in  list of happiest countries in the world.

According to a report released by United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network on occasion of annual World Happiness Day March 20  Pakistan ranks 121st & India 136th in list of happiest countries.

 List includes 146 countries in 2022 whose population welfare gross domestic product GDP levels have been assessed.

On International Happiness Day Pakistan surpassed India

According to list of happiest countries released by the United Nations people of Finland are the happiest in world.

According to the list Finland has been declared the happiest country in the world for fifth year in a row.

According to this list people of Bangladesh are also happier than-India. Bangladesh ranks 94th in this list.

In the UN list Denmark is second Iceland third Switzerland fourth &  Netherlands fifth.

According to report  United States Britain france Germany Australia and Canada have failed to make it into the top 10.

Similarly, Afghanistan is at bottom of the list.

Background of the annual Happy International Day

In 2012 United Nations convened a conference on the happiness of people during which the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution stating that World Happiness Day would be observed on March 20 every year. The first International Day of Happiness was celebrated in 2013.

What is happiness?

Happiness is a state of mind in which positive passionate & pleasant emotions are born. Happiness is a source of positive effect on peace contentment & health.

According to medical experts people who are happy feel stronger as a result of people who are physically sad or under stress their immune system is stronger  & such people live longer.

On International Happiness Day Pakistan surpassed India

On International Happiness Day Pakistan surpassed India

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That is why United Nations now celebrates World Happiness Day on March 20 every year.

How important is it to be happy?

famous philosopher Aristotle said that happiness is an important goal of human life.

University of Iowa professor David Watson on other hand says the way to be happy is to keep yourself away from negative thoughts individuals  jealousy &  jealousy & never compare yourself to others.

As a result of this ideology a regular Ministry of Happiness has been established by United Arab Emirates.

In addition on August 261789  National Assembly of France declared happiness to be a fundamental human right.