OIC has failed on Palestine and Kashmir: PM Imran Khan

OIC Islamabad : Addressing a meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation OIC on Tuesday Pakistan  Prime Minister Imran Khan said that we have failed on Palestine & Kashmir. According to Imran Khan OIC We all have our own foreign policies but I want to say that  way robberies are taking place in Palestine in broad daylight if we do not unite & take a stand we will not be left behind.OIC

OIC Islamabad : Addressing a meeting of Council of Foreign Ministers of the OIC Imran Khan said that the OIC meeting was taking place on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Pakistan & thanked the Foreign Ministers of the OIC member countries for coming.

OIC Islamabad : it may be recalled that the 48th OIC Council of Foreign Ministers meeting in Pakistan is attended by foreign ministers observers & guests from 57 Muslim countries.

OIC has failed on Palestine and Kashmir: PM Imran Khan

Oic Islamabad: Referring to Palestine & Kashmir several times Imran Khan said We have failed on both issues. We couldn't make an impact. We-are divided. And those powers know. We are one and a half billion Muslims but still we have failed. According to him, we are not talking about occupying any country. International law is with us

 Pm Imran Khan : india illegally took back Kashmirs special status

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan said that India had illegally taken back the special status of Kashmir. & now India does-not feel any pressure. According to him war crimes are being committed in Kashmir. India should change the demographics of Kashmir in such a way that the Muslim majority can be turned into a minority.

Talking about Afghanistan Pm Imran Khan said that a stable Afghanistan is the key to ending terrorism in the world . Include Afghanistan in international community he said. Afghans don't  like outside interference.

Addressing the OIC Council of Foreign Ministers the Saudi Foreign Minister said that people of Yemen were being provided with-humanitarian assistance while the international community should play its role for a just solution to the Kashmir issue. He said that they want a peaceful solution to the Palestinian problem in accordance with international resolutions. Oic

Earlier in his address OIC Secretary General said that he would continue todefend the interests of the Muslim Ummah. According to him people of Yemen are being badly affected by the conflict and the bloodshed in Yemen should be stopped immediately. He stressed need to find a peaceful and lasting solution to this problem.

The OIC Secretary General said that the Kashmiri people should be given the right to self determination in accordance with the UN resolutions. OIC urges resolution of Kashmir dispute in accordance with UN resolutions.

The OIC Secretary General condemned genocidal act of the Palestinian people &  attack on the civilian population by Houthi rebels.

Talking about Afghanistan SG he said that Afghans are in touch with the international community for peace. Afghan-peace efforts need to be stepped up in partnership with Afghan authorities and international partners.

Prime Minister Imran khan Congratulations on celebrating the day against Islamophobia

PM  Imran Khan while congratulating the participants of the OIC Foreign Ministers Meeting on March 15 being declared by the United Nations as International Day Against Islamophobia said: It is being said that Islamophobia is a reality and steps need to be taken in this regard.

Imran Khan said that Islamophobia started from 9 /11 .

Prime Minister Imran Khan added in his address that March 15 is  day when a gunman entered a mosque in New Zealand and opened fire killing 50 worshipers. According to him Gunman believed that all Muslims are terrorists. According to him after 9/11 the most difficult period began for Muslims living in non Muslim countries around the world.

According to Imran Khan religion has nothing to do with terrorism but after 9 /11 Islamophobia has been on the rise all over the world. According to him Islam & Muslims were linked to terrorism. I am very sorry to say that we were responsible for this because we did-not take action to break this statement.

OIC has failed on Palestine and Kashmir: PM Imran Khan

OIC has failed on Palestine and Kashmir: PM Imran Khan

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He said that Muslim countries should have raised their voice in this regard world needed to understand that terrorism does-not belong to any religion.

According to Prime Minister Imran Khanbhis English is much better but still he couldnot understand the word enlightenment. According to him slogan of Enlightenment was used-only to appease the West. Islam is only prophet of Islam but there are all kinds of people in every corner of the world. According to him the person who attacked the mosque in New Zealand was also a part of his society but no-other community in the world has been linked to terrorism in this way.

White collar criminals are not caught in poor countries.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that look at  poor countries  common denominator in all these countries is that there is a separate law for rich & poor.

According to him  biggest problem of poor countries is that white collar criminals cannot be caught there & they are rounded up4 petty crimes. He said that it is sad to see Western countries today that the concept of welfare state is not seen anywhere in Muslim countries.

According to Prime Minister Imran Khan Pakistan is the only country-which was established in THe name of Islam. The Prime Minister said that it is unfortunate that Muslims themselves are not aware of the model of the state of Madinah.