No confidence motion: Sindh House Two dozen PTI MNAs present

 No confidence motion : Two dozen PTI MNAs present in Sindh House

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf PTI leader Raja Riaz has said that two dozen members of National Assembly belonging to  ruling party R currently present at Sindh House in Islamabad &  reason for their visit was security created after-attack on Parliament Lodges. There were concerns.

Raja Riaz belongs to  Jahangir Tareen Group of  ruling party & he made this claim while talking to Pakistani private TV channels at Sindh House.

No confidence motion : Two dozen PTI MNAs present in Sindh House

There are about 2 Dozen PTI MNAs here at  moment & if my claim is wrong- government should convene a meeting of its parliamentary party. If there are not enough members then change my name he said.

Talking to Sama TV journalist Nadeem Malik Raja Riaz said that the reason for his stay in Sindh House Islamabad was security concerns since  attack on Parliament Lodges.

 whole media and the nation knows that  lodges were attacked by the  Islamabad police. After what happened in Parliament lodges we felt that's we should come here he said.

Asked about the governments allegations of horse trading & t payment of money to members of parliament Raja Riaz said No 1 has given us any money. We were raising our voice in front of Imran Khan against the long Running bad governance Lawlessness inflation corruption & advisers in the country but we were not heard. Now we will decide on the basis of conscience.

I can Not even think. There is no fear or apprehension when voting. No one has used force or intimidation he said.

Among the PTI members present in Sindh House Islamabad are Raja Riaz 

Nawab Sher Wasir Rana Qasim Noon Ghaffar WattooNoor Riaz Mazari Basit Bukhari Alam Khan Ahmed Hassan Dehar Ramesh Kumar Nusrat Pathan & Nuzha  Wajiha Qamar Akram. Have come

No confidence motion : Two dozen PTI MNAs present in Sindh House Names

No confidence motion : Two dozen PTI MNAs present in Sindh House Names

No confidence motion : Two dozen PTI MNAs present in Sindh House Names

No confidence motion : Two dozen PTI MNAs present in Sindh House Names

No confidence motion : Two dozen PTI MNAs present in Sindh House Names

No confidence motion : Two dozen PTI MNAs present in Sindh House Names

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Meanwhile Punjab Education Minister Murad Rass has also tweeted about names of these members.

Meanwhile Pakistan Peoples Party PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that the members of the National Assembly have been threatened with dire consequences if they take part in  No confidence motion. You have the right to take all kinds of measures to protect yourself from.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari also wrote in his tweet on Thursday that PPP &  PDM will do everything possible to protect the members.

After confirming the presence of PTI members in  Sindh House Federal Minister for Information Fawad Chaudhry said that the looters have started appearing out of fear of action. He said that if five people got Rs.

The Information Minister said that these-people would have resigned if they had conscience & the Speaker should take action to disqualify these traitors.

It may be recalled that in the context of No confidence motion against the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan government figures had accused the PPP of keeping members of the government assembly in Sindh House. Following these allegations Pervez Elahi central leader of the ruling coalition Pakistan Muslim League Q had said in an interview that 15 to 16 government members of National Assembly were broken &  most of them belonged to opposition.

Prime Minister Imran Khan also claimed on Wednesday that opposition leaders were present in Sindh House Islamabad with Sacks of money To buy the loyalty of government members while Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Ali Zaidi also claimed in his Twitter message. Four hundred Sindh police personnel are stationed in Sindh House.

Faisal Karim Kundi said that there are MNS of opposition including PPP and PML N in Sindh House Islamabad whose lives are in danger at  hands of government.

Speaking to the News on Thursday morning PPP leader Faisal Karim Kundi had confirmed the presence of MLAs in the Sindh House but said that they belonged to the opposition not government.

Faisal Karim Kundi had said that there were MNSs of opposition including PPP and PML-N in Sindh House whose lives were in danger at the hands of the government.

"When Prime minister talks about guns in his speeches  opposition MNAs will be threatened to go through a crowd of 500,000 people or on the orders of interior ministry  Police will use MNAs in parliament lodges  he said. Eases residences will be attacked so it is not surprising that elected representatives fear for their lives.

In response to a question he said that  few PPP MNAs present in Sindh House Islamabad are those who belong to Sindh. These MNAs fear that they could be picked up at any time or any negative government action could be taken against them.

She had applied for accommodation in Sindh House

Pakistan Peoples Party National Assembly members Abdul Qadir Patel Agha  Javed Shah Jilani  Agha Rafi Ullah Abdul Qadir Mandokhel Abid Bhiyo Ehsan Mazari  Mehreen Bhutto & Naveed Dero  in their joint statement accused Imran Khan  government after Parliament Lodges incident. Now it is preparing to attack Sindh House.

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