Murder of a Hindu girl Pooja Kumari in Sukkur

Pooja Kumari hard work made me young but now I feel old again.

Protests erupted in Sukkur after the killing of an 18 year old Hindu girl Pooja Kumari on the outskirts of Sukkur District Sindh Province but were called off after police arrested an accused.

Ajay Kumar a close aide of Pooja Kumari told CCR Urdu that after  incident Pooja has now become a symbol of resistance and now his respect has increased in our hearts.

In l case registered by Sukkur Sindh Police the plaintiff in the case Pooja Kumari father Adi has alleged that the three accused entered his house to kidnap his daughter Pooja Kumari but on resisting. They killed Pooja.

Murder of a Hindu girl Pooja Kumari in Sukkur

According to officials  Police will meet  requirements of justice & in this regard-not only incident is being investigated at the highest level but every aspect of it is being reviewed & it is expected that the remaining accused will be arrested as soon as possible. ۔

Ajay Kumar a close relative of Pooja Kumari said that not only local Hindus were outraged over Pooja Kumari murder but also Muslims in  area had protested and were gathering at the victim house to offer condolences.

Killed on Resistance Pooja Kumari

Ajay Kumar says  killers have killed a diamond. He says that Pooja was a girl who was given examples in the whole area & community.

Pooja was loved by everyone in her area. Took care of everyone Everyone wanted it. Examples were given of how she became her fathers arm. She was a little different from her childhood. She wasnot like ordinary children but she was very brave and courageous.

Ajay Kumar says that  acc-used named in case is a close neighbor of Pooja Kumari who is powerful & rich while Pooja and her father Adis family is weak & poor.

Ajay Kumar said that  accused had been lying behind Pooja Kumari for a long time & was harassing her. He said-that in the past  alleged killer had also insulted  bazaar filled with worship sfter which it was reported to the police however despite the police action man was granted bail.

Ajay Kumar says that on day of the incident when Pooja Kumari father Adi went out of  house  accused along with 2 other accomplices reached the house where he tried to kidnap Pooja Kumari.

But Pooja was very brave. He resisted. They were three people & Pooja Kumari was alone. Pooja was sewing on this occasion. He had scissors. Pooja Kumari used the same scissors as a weapon & when she could not control herself the accused shot Pooja Kumari with a pistol & killed him.

Murder of a Hindu girl Pooja Kumari in Sukkur

Murder of a Hindu girl Pooja Kumari in Sukkur

Murder of a Hindu girl Pooja Kumari in Sukkur
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Protests erupted in Sukkur after Pooja Kumari was killed

Daughter was not son Puja Kumari

Pooja Kumaris  father told the News he had 6 daughters and no sons.

Life has never seen such a situation where I could read pooja. He would cover the expenses of the house &  the expenses of school of worship. That's why shes always been at home. 

He said that Pooja Kumari was his eldest daughter who wanted to help him even though she-was young

Sahib Adi recalls his daughter saying that Pooja Kumari never insisted on clothes etc. & never demanded anything.

When she got a little older Pooja Kumari started telling me I was your son. I went to work with you. Obviously couldn't be taken for wages. But she loved sewing & embroidery. Which is why I did her sewing and embroidery course near home.

Sahib Adi says that after completing his sewing and embroidery course,l Pooja Kumari started doing this for people of neighborhood.

He had such cleanliness in his hands that whoever used to work with him once woulddo it again with pooja. Thats how it worked. She couldn't read on her own but she enrolled her younger sisters in school.

He said that after starting  work worship had become his support

It simply came to our notice then. I am his brother. What happened ? You have no son. I am. 

Pooja Kumari s  father says that if he was not at home he would never-have bothered because he was sure that Pooja Kumari would takecare of everything at home.

I am old but  hard work of worship made me young. Sad fully .But now it seems that I am old again.