Marvi Malik Sher: Assistant Commissioner Mansehra victim of harassment attack Marvi is not scared at all she is performing her duties in Mansehra

The three youths were harassing Attack the  Assistant Commissioner Mansehra while the  was Assistant Commissioner Mansehra  standing in front of the three youths with utmost courage.

These are words of an eyewitness who saw three youths in Mansehra district harassing Attack Assistant Commissioner Marvi Malik Sher.

Police in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mansehra district have claimed to have arrested 3 youths on charges of harassing Attack Assistant Commissioner Marvi Malik Sher.

Marvi Malik Sher: Assistant Commissioner Mansehra victim of harassment attack
Marvi Malik Sher: Assistant Commissioner Mansehra victim of harassment attack 

City Police Station Mansehra Israr Shah said that according to the preliminary investigation this is an incident of harassment. People had gathered on the spot after seeing the harassment with the woman Assistant Commissioner Mansehra . 3 were arrested and handed over to police.

It may be recalled that Marvi Malik Sher is 1 of the five sisters who passed the CSS exam and set a record in Pakistan.

In the case registered at request of Assistant Commissioner Mansehra (AC) Marvi Malik Sher in City Mansehra Police Station it is said that three youths in a Peugeot jeep chased our government vehicle & tried to take pictures from their mobile phones along with wrong cutting.

An attempt was made to grab my hand &  pull it out of  car injuring my hand.

When our vehicle reached Ghazi Kot they stopped their vehicle in front of our vehicle lawsuit said.

The 3 of them got out of the car and started shouting & repeating. After that I got into a fight with the guard and I was also insulted. An attempt was made to grab my hand & pull me out of the vehicle injuring my hand.

A petition filed by Assistant Commissioner Mansehra Marvi Malik Sher said They assaulted the driver and told each other to hit me.

It simply came to our notice then. It is being built on our own money. We do not accept any Assistant Commissioner Depty Commissioner. Nor do they consider a woman an officer.

What did the eyewitnesses see?

Muhammad Sameer an eyewitness at the scene says he knows the female  Assistant Commissioner Mansehra In  his city by face. He is an active officer who meets people all the time & also visits different places. I saw three young men surrounding him and talking loudly.

When I reached there I saw that the female  Assistant Commissioner Mansehra was boldly saying to the three ( 3 )of them You three have gone to extremes of rudeness & bullying. I have endured your actions. The three of them were talking more and more.

According to Mohammad Sameer a large number of people gathered & took the 3 under their control and informed the police as everyone knew the female Assistant Commissioner Mansehra well.

Assistant Commissioner Mansehra attack

Assistant Commissioner Mansehra Attack
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My daughter is very brave.

According to Assistant Commissioner Mansehra  Marvi Malik Sher father Muhammad Rafiq Awan his daughter has spoken to him in detail after the incident.

He says Assistant Commissioner Mansehra  Marvi is not scared at all. She is performing her duties in Mansehra itself.

Rafiq Awan said I know that my daughter & other daughters are very brave. She has been brought up in such a way that she is not afraid of anyone. She is serving her country nation & people. They did not tolerate any obstacles along the way.

Rafiq Awan says Mansehra is like my home station. Area of ​​Hazara Division which is very sensitive towards women. Officers want to serve in this area because locals are very hospitable & committed to their wonderful traditions.

It is very un-fortunate that such an incident has taken place in Mansehra area which has saddened them.

Rafiq Awan says that people would have gathered on  spot. They wanted to kill all three too much. People were angry. Anything could have happened but even on this occasion Assistant Commissioner Mansehra Marvi my daughter showed great courage and rescued the 3 from the people & then handed them over to the police safely under her supervision.

If she had been angry and talked about personal revenge she would have let the 3 of them go for a while but even then she did her duty.Im proud of that.

Rafiq Awan says Marvi told him The 3 of them were saying over and over again that we do not want women officers. We willn't tolerate them.

They were talking like that. However they should understand that these women officers are performing their duties verywell & serving them.

If Marwari countries can cope with this situationthen think about what ordinary women endure.

Shabnam Nawaz a member of the Keyber Pakhtunkhwa Commission on the Status of Women & a human rights activist and advocate for the Supreme Court said the incident with Marwari Malik was extremely unfortunate. It deserves less condemnation.

He said that Assistant Commissioner Mansehra Marvi Malik Sher is a very brave officer who is serving people. His performance is not hidden but is in front of every one.

fact that this has happened to them proves that we still have a long way to go to protect women.

Shabnam Nawaz Advocate says If Marwari Malik can face this situation then-think about what ordinary women will endure or mentality of patriarchal society which is preventing women from going ahead & working.

This requires changing  way people think in addition to legislating for women making law enforcement agencies particularly sensitive.