Jam Abdul Karim Jokhio MNA PPP decision to be included in ECL

The Interior Ministry has named Pakistan People Party PPP MNA Jam Abdul Karim Jokhio named in the Nazim Jokhio murder case in the Exit Control List ECL.

Nazim Jokhio Murder Case :A meeting of ECL committee of the cabinet was held-under the chairmanship of Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid in which it was decided to put  name of PPP MNA Jam Abdul Karim Jokhio on the ECL.

According to the statement Jam Abdul Karim Jokhio name has been included in the ECL as he was nominated in  Nazim Jokhio murder case.

Jam Abdul Karim Jokhio : The Interior Ministry said that the FIA ​​was also directed to issue a red warrant for Jam Abdul Karim Jokhio.

Abdul Karim Jokhio decision to be included in ECL

According to the statement Federal Law Minister Forough Naseem also attended the meeting

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has said that Jam Abdul Karim Jokhio a member of National Assembly nominated in Nazim Jokhio murder is coming from Dubai to vote for no Confidence motion & we will arrest him & put his name in exit control list.

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said that we have filed a petition in  Islamabad HC High Court under Article 204 of the Constitution & Section 3 of the Contempt of Court Ordinance 203 as  Special Branch Islamabad administration There are reports that they are bewildered and confused & are trying to obstruct the PTI public sea.

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He said that High Court has directed the administration including Ministry of Home Affairs that the roads should-remain open & the lives & property of the people should be secured along with law & order. Handed over

Sheikh Rasheed  said that we have called  2,000 FC  2000 Rangers & 2,000 police from different provinces while 9,000 are our police and 15,000 of them have been assigned for law & order. The Jamiat Ulema e Islam JUI F has taken the stage back to its place they have been allowed to hold a meeting today.

The Interior Minister said that Jam Abdul Karim Jokhio a Member of National Assembly nominated in the assassination of Nazim Jokhio was coming from Dubai to cast his vote. If he came we would arrest him & hand him over to Sindh Police.

You guessed it party is also bringing-fugitive killers from Dubai to vote which means they are trembling he said.

The Federal Minister said that we will catch Jam Abdul Karim jokhio & put his name in the Exit Control List ECL.

He said that Seven days from 28 March to April 4 are important the world'l attention is on Pakistan politics we will keep the way clear for people of all parties we willnot allow any 1 to block anyone's way If anyone takes the law into their own hands the law will take them by  hand.

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said that he could-not share what was the agenda of enemies of the country. Was accompanied by

Abdul Karim Jokhio decision to be included in ECL

Abdul Karim Jokhio decision to be included in ECL

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We have not made any request yet but interior ministry has the power to call in the army under Article 245 with the approval of the prime minister and the cabinet  he said.  enemy can do mischief too so we should try to prove that we are politically mature.

He said that we are trying our best not-to create any problem of laws & order in any place. &  God willing if the opposition makes a mistake they will be punished.

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Home Minister said that opposition has brought PM imran Khan to the heights of popularity & I have advised PM  Imran Khan that after giving the budget we should go for immediate elections this is my opinion which PM Imran Khan can reject.

He said talks were being held with both allies & angry members & a special team was working on it.

Referring to the granting of bail to the fugitive MPA by Sindh High Court Sheikh Rashid said that this is the first time that the accused is sitting in Dubai & he didnot surrender. Will be arrested from the airport we have no court order.

In response to a question he said that he hoped that there would be no-need to call  army if need be they would come on their own.