Hollywood actor Will Smith slaps Chris Rock at  Oscars

Actor Chris Rock made fun of Will Smiths wife

Los Angeles Smiths Slaps: Actor Will Smith slapped actor Chris Rock for making fun of his wife at the Oscars.

American actor Will Smith has won the Oscar for Best Actor.

According to foreign media Oscar 2022 ceremony was going on in which comedian Chris Rock was hosting and making jokes and jokes. Meanwhile  he made fun of Will Smith,s wife Jedda Panket Smiths hair falling out & Will Smith sitting down on stage got angry.

Hollywood actor Will Smith slaps Chris Rock at  Oscars

Best Actor Award winner Will Smith got up-from his seat &  walked comfortably to Chris Rock who was watching him uncertainly. When he reached Chris Will Smith slapped him in  face and then walked back to his seat.

Chris Rock made a joke about Will Smiths wife Jada being in G.I Jan because of her bald head.

Will Smith went up to the stage, and slapped Chris Rock.

Will Smiths move shocked everyone in  hall including his wife and silence reigned in  hall as Chris Rocks face fell. However despite being slapped he didn't give up and tried to continue his jokes. So after getting back in his seat Will Smith scolded Chris Rock & told him to shut up.

The video of  incident went viral on social media & users reacted mixedly. Will Smith was criticized by most users. On other hand some spectators also termed this incident as a scripted act.

American actor Will Smith has won the Oscar 4 the Best Actor.

Will Smith was awarded the Oscar 4 Best Actor in the movie King Richard at the 94th Annual Ceremony of Oscar 2022.

On other hand Jessica Chassian has been awarded the Oscar 4 Best Actress.

Actress Jessica Cheshien

Troy Katser also won  Oscar 4 Best Supporting Actor at the 2022 Oscar Awards.

Will Smith punches The Chris Rock for mocking wife at Oscar 2022

Best Supporting Actress Award went to Ariana DebosS. Ariana Debos has been awarded Best Supporting Actress 4 her performance in  movie West Side Story.

Jane Champion has won  Oscar for The Best Director. Jane Champion has been awarded the Oscar for directing the film The Power of Dog.

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Koda has won the Oscar 4 Best Picture. Koda is the story of Ruby only girl in a hearing impaired family.

On the other hand, Incanto has been declared the best animated film in Oscar 2022.