Foreign powers behind conspirac overthrow my govt Imran Khan Islamabad

 Foreign powers behind conspirac overthrow my govt Imran Khan Islamabad jalsa

Bhutto and Kissinger: What external conspiracy did Imran Khan cite against Zulfiqar Bhutto?

PM Imran Khan Speech Islamabad Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan addressing a large rally on March 27 took a letter out of his pocket and waved it claiming that a conspiracy was being hatched from abroad to overthrow his government and that he had been threatened in writing.

PM imran khan Islamabad Jalsa n his speech Imran Khan also referred to former Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who in a highly emotional speech at a joint sitting of Pakistani parliament 45 years ago accused the United States of being behind the opposition movement against his government. Who wants to oust them. Imran khan Speech Islamabad.

Ex PM Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had said This is a huge global conspiracy with the financial support of the United States to oust me through my political rivals.

Explaining the reason Ex PM  Bhutto said The United States will not forgive them for not supporting United States in Vietnam & for supporting the Arabs against Israel.

In his speech which lasted for an hour and 45 minutes he described  United States as an elephant that neither forgets nor forgives.

Foreign powers behind conspirac overthrow my govt Imran Khan Islamabad

According to Bhutto the US conspiracy was successful and taking advantage of the PNA movement a coalition of opposition parties General Zia ul Haq imposed martial law on 5 July  1977.

Ex Pm Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was then tried for the murder of Nawab Muhammad Ahmad Khan Kasuri. In his statement to the court he claimed that all this is happening to him because he was determined to make Pakistan a nuclear power & despite warnings from  The US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger when he When he refused to withdraw from  nuclear program Henry Kissinger threatened to set a terrible example for you.

This alleged statement of  United States US Secretary of State is still echoing in the political history of Pakistan and this threat &  its consequences have a great role in the situation that Pakistan is facing today. However  only witness to this is Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who in last days of his rule & even after his arrest kept shouting &  trying to show that the United States is conspiring against him &  opposition parties & local Pakistanis. The industrialists whose industries were taken into national custody are involved in this conspiracy.

Ex Pm Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was trying to mobilize  people of Pakistan on this point but it was too late. In the meantime he reiterated his claim to Henry Kissinger threat in several places. In his case Zulfiqar Bhutto told a full bench of Lahore High Court headed by Maulvi Mushtaq that he had been threatened by United States US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

Henry Kissinger statement  We will make you a terrible example has not-been confirmed by any independent sources but Gerald Furstein Deputy Chief of Mission at United State Embassy in Islamabad confirmed this in an interview with Pakistani media in April 2010. He was an eyewitness to a meeting in Lahore on 10  August 1976 as a protocol officer in which Zulfiqar Bhutto rejected Henry Kissinger's warning to end Pakistan nuclear program.

He told a local TV channel that the United States was concerned about Pakistan nuclear program which was intended to equalize India nuclear capability & therefore sent Henry Kissinger to warn Bhutto.

It is true that Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto rejected this warning & continued his nuclear program. I was a protocol officer when Kissinger came to Pakistan in August 1976 & met Zulfiqar Bhutto in Lahore.

The Gerald Furstein also said in his interview that United State election was imminent & Democrats had a good chance of winning & they wanted to strictly adhere to policy of nuclear non proliferation & to make Pakistan an example in this regard. wanted. Kissinger also offered to give Zulfiqar Bhutto an A Seven attack bomber if he gave up his nuclear program & otherwise offered economic & military sanctions.

In his interview Gerald Furstein described Bhutto as Pakistan most talented intelligent & capable politician despite his weaknesses.

Details of meetings with Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto & United State President Ford Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and other United State US officials are contained in State Department records. The record doesnot contain the phrase we will make you a terrible example but it does contain interesting dialogues which give an idea of ​​Bhutto grip on various issues.

For example in 183 Memorandum of Understanding during a meeting between Zulfiqar Bhutto & Kissinger in  presence of American & Pakistani diplomats in Islamabad on October 31 1974 Kissinger mentions American farmers with whom he & his United State US government is facing difficulties.

Imran Khan Islamabad parady jalsa

Imran Khan Islamabad parady jalsa

Imran Khan Islamabad parady jalsa

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Imran khan Speech Islamabad : Kissinger says American farmers are accustomed to selling their produce in a free market in an environment of surplus production in the country when conditions are different and the country has a problem allocating resources. So Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto says I remember some time ago probably some experts at Harvard University suggested to me that Pakistan should focus on industrial production instead of increasing wheat production because there is always a surplus of wheat in  United States. There will be production & Pakistan needs will continue to be met.

In addition to Gerald Furstein former  United State US Attorney General Ramsay Clarke wrote in an article I don't believe in conspiracy theories but there are great similarities between the riots in Chile and Pakistan. In Chile too CIA allegedly helped topple President Salvador Allende.

The US Attorney General Ramsay Clark who witnessed the trial of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto himself wrote that it was a ridiculous case fought in a kangaroo court.

Ramsay Clark wanted to fight the case of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and went to Pakistan in this regard but he was not allowed to do so by General Zia ul Haq. He called Zulfiqar Bhutto execution a legitimate political assassination. Ramsay Clark died on April 9 this year at the age of 93.

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