Fighter Fighter drummer Taylor Hawkins has died at age of 50

California : Leading American rock band Four Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins has died at  age of 50. For more than 02 decades l he has served music by playing drums in various Fu Fighter songs.

In a message on the photo Sharing platform Instagram Fu Fighters said that Our band is saddened by sudden death of Taylor Hawkins. Their music & beautiful laughter will always be with us.

Fighter Fighter drummer Taylor Hawkins has died at age of 50

Cause of death of Fighter Fighter drummer Taylor Hawkins is unknown . Taylor Hawkins died suddenly according to a statement released Friday-by Foo Drummers which was nothing short of a great loss to the band while Foo Fighters were due to sing in Colombia on Friday night.

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The Fans of Taylor Hawkins gathered in Bogota area where the well known drummer was staying when an ambulance &  police vehicles arrived but no government official issued a statement on  death of well known drummer.

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The well known drummer who has spoken with  lead singer of Fu Fighters during various interviews has also acted in several memorable videos. Taylor Hopkins also showed  essence of acting in her recent comedy film Studio 666.