Felicity S The world most expensive cargo ship sank at sea Video

 flaming fire can be seen on a cargo ship called the Felicity S Video

Twenty two lucky crew members including the ships captain were rescued when the cargo ship Felicity S was slowly sinking in the cold waters of the North Atlantic Ocean.

flaming fire can be seen on a cargo ship called the Flexity S Video

But the cargo on board was not so lucky. & these were not ordinary goods but the worlds most expensive 4,000 vehicles worth about 27 billion rupees.

Yes You read that right 27 billion Pakistani rupees which is about 155 million US dollars.

Most of the 4,000 vehicles were luxury cars. They included most expensive cars such as the Porsche & the Bentley which cost up to  70,000 each.

Photograph before the sinking of the ship

According to the luxury car maker Bentley they had 189 new vehicles on board while Porsche said they had 1,100 loaded on  sinking ship Felicity.

Cargo ship video:

How did Felicity ship sink ?

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The vehicles were to be transported from Germany to Rhode Island in the United States, where they would be handed over to customers, but during the voyage the ship slowly sank.

Upon receiving this news, a social media user wrote that my car was also coming on this plane.

But fortunately all of these vehicles were insured, and according to Reuters, the Volkswagen company has confirmed that the insurance value of these vehicles will be 116 million British pounds.

Another user, who was shocked by the sinking of the plane, wrote on social media that my car has been re-ordered.

How did Felicity ship sink ?

The cargo Felicity ship was on its way to the United States from Port Aiden, Germany, when it caught fire on February 16.

Immediately after the accident, all the crew were evacuated with the help of rescue boats.

But Felicity sank in the depths of the North Atlantic. The plane is reportedly currently at a depth of about 3,500 meters.

Java Mendes, captain of the Fayal Island port near which  ship sank told Reuters there had been no reports of an oil leak but it was feared Felicity ship fuel tanks had broken down.

Following the incident Portuguese navy said the crew was evacuated to a nearby hospital with the help of four merchant planes and Portuguese air crew.