In Saudi Arabia it is a legal requirement for all vehicles to have an insurance policy

United Insurance document states that in twelve cases the insurance company may refuse to pay compensation to  driver or person responsible 4 the traffic accident or to the insured person. 

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According to newspaper 24 the insurance company can refuse to pay compensation in 12 cases.

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On finding evidence of incorrect information.

On hiding important information in insurance form.

Deliberately causing a traffic accident 

Driving in  opposite direction.

Failure to notify the insurance company within 20 days of the fundamental change in-position specified in the insurance form.

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When driving under the influence of drugs is proven.

If proof of driving is found for a person under 18- years of age provided the person under 18-years of age has not purchased the insurance policy himself.

Insurance company may refuse to compensate the policy buyer even if it proves that the drivers license of the vehicle is not specific to the vehicle that the policyholder was driving at the time of the accident.

At the time of the accident  drivers license has expired.

In the presence of more-than the prescribed number of passengers in vehicle at the time of the accident provided it is proved that the accident is due to excessive number of passengers.

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The treatment of the injured in the accidents will be the responsibility of the insurance company

If evidence of vehicle theft or snatching is found provided no theft or snatching has-been reported.

One of the restrictions in the insurance document is that  policyholder must be notified by the insurance company of the decision not to pay compensation within 20 day's of receipt of the application.

The insurance company is also given  option to refuse compensation within a maximum of 1 year from the date of settlement with the policyholder.

In Saudi Arabia people usually rent cars to travel to a place far away from a city or area this news highlights the method of obtaining vehicles.

The rented vehicles are of new model so that there is no risk of the vehicles getting damaged during  journey. Other companies including multinationals are also doing rent a car business in Saudi Arabia. Generally the rents of big companies are higher than others.

Advantage of BIGGEST companies is that if a customer becomes a permanent member he is given a discount while the companies are-also responsible for replacement in case of breakdown of the vehicle.

In the past citizens used to complain that in case of return of vehicles there is petrol in  tank which is not deducted from the rent. In view of this Saudi Arabia leading rent a car service has introduced a new policy under which the car is now given a tank full and the customer is obliged to return-it after filling it.

Car insurance policy

Car service providers have insurance policies for a small amount of money there is a risk of traffic jams & congestion on the roads the risk of unpleasant incidents can be avoided by having insurance while the risk of fines is huge. You do not even have to pay.

The insurance amount is allocated according to the model of vehicles in country. Leading companies charge 50 riyals a day for full insurance while third party insurance is also possible.

How to get a car ?

Companies have introduced applications for renting cars with a 5% discount. If you-take-a car for a long period of time you can save a lot. In addition companies have set up offices in different areas where discounts are-not available.

If you are a Gold or Silver card holder of the company then you will get a discount.

When booking a vehicle inspect it carefully so that there are-no problems during the journey. You don't have to pay extra to get an open kilometer policy. Once the vehicle is found it is transferred to your name in the traffic department records & is deleted on return.

Saudi Arabia has a long Running third party insurance system 4 vehicles designed to protect the rights of parties in the event of an accident.

In Saudi Arabia as in other parts of the world the traffic police department has made insurance policy mandatory which means that in the event of an accident insurance company will be required to compensate for the loss & No additional financial burden on drivers.

The Department of Traffic had earlier made it compulsory to obtain an insurance policy on a driving license which was later changed to a car.

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There are several points 4 insuring vehicles instead of driving licenses  most important of which is that driving licenses last for 5 & 10 years while insurance is done on an annual basis.

In the past when there was a system of insurance on driving licenses people usually got insurance scheme only when they-had to re-new their license which caused them a lot of difficulties in case of accidents.

In case of non availability of third party insurance from the Traffic Police Department which is called Tamin Zad Al Ghair in Arabic all the responsibility is imposed on the affected driver.

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According to the traffic rules in case of an accident the driver is bound to bear  total cost of repairing the affected vehicle.

The driver is kept in custody-until he pays owner of the affected vehicle for repairs. After paying the expenses the Traffic Police officers release the driver only after filing a report of mutual consent.

The vehicle ownership card is-not renewed by the Traffic Police Department on getting vehicle insurance from an unregistered company therefore it is mandatory to get the vehicle insurance from a registered company.

In case of non renewal of compulsory insurance scheme for vehicles in case of any violation of Automatic Challan System system will automatically check the vehicle records & send challans 4 other violations ie if Mandatory third party insurance of a vehicle has expired and if it is not renewed then it will also be considered as violation and its challan will also be recorded.

Domestic drivers are-also required to ensure that vehicle provided to them is fully documented & that third party insurance is also effective so that they don't face any difficulty in case of any emergency.