Australian singer Lil Bo Weep death dies of depression

Famous Australian rapper Lil Bo Weep has died at the age of 22 due to depression.

Australian singer Lil Bo Weep death dies of depression
Australian singer Lil Bo Weep death dies of depression

CCR News Report Web Desk: According to foreign media reports 22 year old Australian rapper Lil Bow Weep has died. Lil Bow father Matthew confirmed his death & said on social media that his daughter had been suffering from depression for a long time Caused death of

Before her death Lil Bo Weep whose real name is Venona Brooks shared a video on her official Instagram account in which she said i recently found out that My Pregnancy System Is Affected If You Do This To Yourself I suggest you think about what you are doing to yourself because of the way I have treated my body I am no longer a mother I could not have been able to have my own child.

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It should be noted that Lil  Bo Weep started its music through Sound Cloud in 2015 and it has gained immense popularity in a very short period of time. Millions of Lil Bo weep fans are mourning his death.

Australian singer Lil Bo Weep death dies of depression

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