Army Soldiers torture policemen in Gaddafi Stadium Lahor Pak Australia Match

Gaddafi Stadium :Military officials allegedly tortured a police officer during a Pakistan Australia match 

Gaddafi Stadium:  Lahore police official has alleged that Pakistan Army officers tortured him during an ongoing match between Pakistan and Australia at Gaddafi Stadium. police inspector has also filed a case against the officials.

Army Soldiers torture policemen in Gaddafi Stadium Lahor Pak Australia Match

A video circulating on Pakistan,s social media shows uniformed officials fighting outside Gaddafi Stadium.

Gaddafi Stadium: Alleged torture of a police officer by military personnel took place during a 1 day cricket match between Pakistan & Australia on Tuesday.

Dilawar Hussain a SHO stationed at Lahore,s Gulshan-e-Ravi police station said in a petition to the police that he was on duty at Gate No. 14 of Gaddafi Stadium Lahore when military officer Saqib took a minor child with him. Aya & tried to send him inside the emergency gate illegally without a ticket.

According to Dilawar Hussain in an attempt to stop the military official he later came with three civilians and then tried to enter the stadium.

When police stopped JC Saqib again he snatched his mobile phone &  went inside the stadium.

According to the police report shortly after JCO Saqib came there with some soldiers. Began to be rude and pulled out his weapon. Hearing  noise SSP Operation Lahore & SP Operation Model Town came to the spot.

According to  report meanwhile an army officer Major Asad also reached the spot and ordered the military officials to deliver the unit to SHO Dilawar Hussain. On which SSP Operation said that you are an officer. Play your part and resolve the issue together but Major Assad loudly told  military officials not to leave Dilawar Hussain.

The report says that the SSP operation changed his duty and placed him inside Gaddafi Stadium. While he was on duty at 8.30 pm wireless operator Ehtesham ul Haq told Dilawar Hussain that he was calling Brigadier Cheema to resolve the matter.

According to the report SHO Dilawar Hussain & the operator Thordi had gone so far  15 or 20 armed military personnel abducted them. Where they proudly snatched the mobile phone and Major Assad kept torturing them.

Soldiers torture policemen

Meanwhile  emergency exit and public transport for the Australian cricket team was closed raising serious security concerns.

The report said that some time later DIG Operation SSP Operation and Brigadier Wasim Cheema along with some other officers reached there &  rescued SHO Dilawar Hussain from the clutches of Major Asad.

Army Soldiers torture policemen in Gaddafi Stadium Lahor Pak Australia Match

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DIG Operation Lahore Muhammad Abid Khan said in a Twitter message that he had formed a committee comprising most senior officers to inquire into the incident that took place at Gaddafi Stadium on Tuesday evening between Punjab police and army officials. Has gone