Young and restless: Fans are asking what's going on?

Young and restles And the idea of ​​the Victoria-Cat-Lily triangle. Let's face it they're not happy about it. However on the show it is becoming increasingly clear that Victoria's eyes are on the cat again now with Lily Still fans can't understand why the authors would choose to go that route again.

Young and restless: Fans are asking what's going on?

Young and restless. Cat love triangle

In the early days Victoria and the cat had a special chemistry. Fans remember him connecting on New Year's Eve & leaving for Jamaica. He also remembers the fights with Victoria's father. Since then the cat has been involved with a few people & the chemistry has never been the same. Some fans still like the idea of ​​Victoria and the cat, but with the stories in recent years, it is difficult to reunite the pair.

Some fans like her brother Nick do not enjoy the cruel side of Victoria and consider her bad, cold and selfish. The way they look at her, she's only interested in the cat when she can't get it. It's definitely one thing, not wanting anyone not even wanting someone else to have them. Right now, Victoria is looking a little closer to her motives. She may even admit to herself that she wants  cat back. However it is also possible that he turned to the challenge of winning it back.

For my life i don't know why #YR is heading for the Victoria / Cat track again.

Victoria misses the cat?

Some fans may admit that Victoria may be missing the cat, especially when she has not met anyone else. Maybe she's thinking of happy family times as she watches it go. However, the idea that Victoria is retreating after parting ways.

With the cat does not make sense

For Victoria it doesn't make sense to completely

 change the CBS soap. Let's face it - it wasn't long before he cut her off from signaling her to be together. Victoria tells the cat that she is deceived and that they will never see each other again. She even admitted that the only things she could count on were death and taxes, and that the cat was getting restless. What happened to this version of Victoria?

Victoria definitely likes to interrupt cat and lily nights. But at the same time Nikki is fine, Billy got a great setup. Victoria is doing everything and she gets to hang out and play with Dad and go home. #YR

Rehsing young and restless.

Young and restless. The stories are being rebuilt and the Cat and Victoria thing will be another. Aside from the impossibility of their relationship, there is also the aspect of the love triangle. Sometimes the love triangle can be interesting, but when it comes to the cat, which has upset a lot of fans, it doesn't do much good.

For some fans, the idea of ​​a Victoria-Cat-Lily story is at least taking the path of resistance. However, it's not just the audience that is bothered by the writers, or wants to see Victoria strong and find a new lover. There are also cat fans who don't want to see her again with Victoria. As noted. Soap he knows. Some fans think that the Lily-Amanda-Cat love triangle would be more meaningful.

Young and restless

Readers, what are your thoughts on the Victoria-Cat-Lily love triangle? Turn off the sound in the comments section below.

In the meantime, keep going. Young and restless. CBS, Saturday.

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