Saudi Arabia: Shura Council approves flag change

 Saudi Arabia: Shura Council approves flag change

Saudi Arabia's Shura Council approves draft amendments to national flag change and anthem law.

According to the Saudi Gazette, the proposed changes to the laws governing the green flag are aimed at clarifying the proper use of the state emblem, raising awareness of the importance of the flag change and anthem, and protecting the flag change from being violated.

Saudi Arabia: Shura Council approves flag change

The Saudi flag is green and underneath it is the sword and the martyrdom.

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The Gazette reported that Saad Saleeb Al-Otaibi, a member of the Shura, submitted the amendment to the Council in accordance with Article 23 of the Flag, Symbol and National Anthem System.

The Saudi newspaper Sabq wrote: "There is a need to fill the legislative gap in the absence of a system that praises the state anthem and provides details of the provisions of the system, such as Article 4 of the Basic Law Governance." There is an urgent need. "

He added that there was a need to establish determinants and controls for the use of the state emblem and to determine the penalties to be imposed in case of violation.

The Shura Council is an unelected body and although its decisions have no effect on existing laws or structures, the vote is important because its members are appointed by the king.

The council did not provide further details, nor did it say what the new flag might look like.

The Saudi Press Agency tweeted some pictures of the flag's history on Monday.

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