Noor Muqaddam case Verdict Zahir Jaffer sentenced to death

Noor Muqaddam murder Verdict : Zahir Jaffer was trembling and fear was visible on his face
Since the morning of February 24 the situation in the District Court of Islamabad has been looking unusual. With the heavy deployment of police a large number of local and foreign media were present in the court premises since morning and this was all because of the decision to assassinate Noor Muqadam daughter of former diplomat Shaukat Ali Muqaddam. Had to go
Noor Muqaddam case Verdict Zahir Jaffer sentenced to death
Noor Muqaddam case Verdict Zahir Jaffer sentenced to death

Verdict :

The eight accused who were released on bail were first produced before  court when Additional Sessions Judge Ata Rabbani court heard the case. Among them was Ismat Adamji, mother of the main culprit Zahir Jaffer.

After the attendance of these accused, Additional Sessions Judge Ata Rabbani allowed them to leave and after some time, four accused including Zahir Jaffer the main accused in this case were summoned in the court.

The judge ordered the court staff to speak to the accused so that everyone could be taken out of the courtroom. This was done in compliance with the court order and the judge spoke to the accused for more than 20 minutes after which the accused were sent back to Bakhshi Khana.

The court had set a date of 1:30 pm on Thursday for the verdict in the Noor Muqaddam murder case  but the courtroom had already been filled an hour earlier with a large number of women and most of them female lawyers.

When the prosecutor of this case Rana Hassan Abbas also reached the court room the judge of the court asked the public prosecutor that it is good that he came before the time because there is still a lot of time left in the decision. Rana Hassan Abbas replied Looking at My Lord Rushit seemed as if there would be no place to reach the rostrum.

Zakir Jafar father of main culprit Zahir Jafar

No counsel for the accused was present in the courtroom to hear the verdict.

The courtroom has a-capacity of 20 to 30 people while many more were present in this small room to hear the verdict of Noor Muqaddam  murder including a significant number of journalists.

Judge Ata Rabbani at first toleratednoise of people talking in the court room for a while but then he went to his chambers and ordered the court staff to silence the people in the court room.

 court staff tried to silence the people but they did not succeed.

Before announcing the verdict t court staff asked the journalists in the courtroom to move to the left side of the judge's chair while allocating space for the accused on the right side.

Meanwhile a female lawyer called for those who are supporters of Zahir Jaffer the main accused in the case to come to the left of the judge. Some people also protested against this statement of the woman.

When the Additional Sessions Judge came to the courtroom at 1:25 AM to pronounce the verdict he first summoned the co-accused in the caseincluding Zahir Jaffers parents and summoned them.

After announcing the verdict at exactly half past one he decided to-acquit 6 employees including the owner of the first therapy center. After hearing the word of acquittal  employees shouted slogans & the court staff stopped them from doing so. Hearing the acquittal, the owner of the therapy works & other employees walked out of the courtroom.

court then acquitted the main accused parents Zakir Jaffer and mother Ismat Adam Ji.

The court then sentenced the main accused Zahir Jaffer to death. After taking the accused out of the court room the main accused Zahir Jaffer was produced before the judge.

When the accused Zahir Jaffar was produced before the judge his face was frightened and his body was trembling & he wanted to say something to the court after the verdict but the police force forcibly dragged him out of the rostrum and released him. I took

Hawatin a close relative of Noor Muqaddam also came to the court to hear the verdict and had tears in her-eyes after hearing the verdict. She kept asking the women standing next to her why did you leave your mother? Saying this she walked out of the courtroom.

Shaukat Muqaddam  father of Noor Muqaddam the plaintiff in the case &  victim when asked if he was satisfied with the decision or would challenge it said that he could not comment on the decision at present. He said that the decision to challenge this court decision would be taken after consultation with lawyers.

Shortly after the verdict in- Noor Muqadam murder case was announced a senate erupted outside the court as if nothing had happened.

On the other hand  officials of Adiala Jail-in Rawalpindi said that after getting the authentic copy of the case from the relevant court, the convict Zahir Jaffer's clothes will be changed and he will be shifted to death cell.