Muslim girl Muskan khan was harassed by the Hindus Video viral .

The Muslim girl Muskan was harassed by the Hindus

In the Indian state of Karnataka, the issue of wearing hijab by college students Muskan Khan has now intensified. All colleges have already been closed for three days due to fears of religious riots in the state.

On Tuesday, a group of Hindu youths wrapped in saffron-colored handkerchiefs at Pre-University College, Mandia, Karnataka, tried to harass a hijab-wearing female student Muskan Khan. The youths stood in front of the student and chanted slogans of 'Ja Shri Ram' and the student responded to these slogans with the slogan 'Allah Akbar'. Meanwhile, the college staff took the student away from the boys.

The video of the incident went so viral that it made headlines in the media of Pakistan and India and a new debate on the issue of religious freedom has started on social media in both the countries.

Following the incident at Pre-University College, protests are on the rise across Karnataka, with students wearing hijabs on one side and youths hanging saffron-colored handkerchiefs around their necks on the other. The distribution of is also being interpreted.

While the smile on the faces of the youth chanting 'Jai Shri Ram' is being praised, the act of harassing the student is also being critici.

See Video Muskan khan Harassment University

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It is to be noted that for the last one month, some colleges in the state of Karnataka have been having differences between the students and the administration on the issue of hijab and this matter is also being heard in the High Court.

Muskan khan a second-year student, said Muskan khan was not intimidated by the boys chanting "J Shri Ram" and would continue to fight for her right to wear the hijab.

Speaking to Indian broadcaster NDTV, Muskan khan said that when she arrived at the college, some obese boys tried to stop her from entering the college because muskan khan was wearing a burqa.

According to him, when the two sides exchanged slogans, the school principal and teachers protected them.

Muskan khan said he thought 10 percent of the boys in the crowd were students from the same college and others from outside the college.

"Our priority is our education and they want to destroy our education," muskan khan said.

Miskan khan said that in the past she used to take off her burqa in class and only wore a scarf on her head but now she and other students are wearing full burqa.

Muskan khan said she would continue her protest for the hijab because, according to her, it was part of the Muslim girls' dress.

See Video Muskan khan Harassment University

When did the protest start?

The issue of Muslim students wearing hijab in Indian educational institutions started from Government Girls PU College, ODP, Karnataka. Last month, six female students alleged that they were barred from entering the classroom for wearing hijab, which was protested by Muslim female students.

The protest, which started from ODP's government college, later spread to Mandia and Shivamuga, after which the colleges banned the hijab.

When the movement for the right of female students to wear hijab started gaining momentum, the youths wearing saffron colored handkerchiefs also stood up against the Muslim female students.

According to NDTV, several incidents of fighting between youths wearing hijab and saffron handkerchiefs were reported in the state of Karnataka on Wednesday, while the clashes in the cities of Harihara and Dwingar also turned into religious riots.

According to the report, the protesters pelted stones at each other and police fired tear gas to restore order and disperse the protesters.