Muhammad Mehboob who jumped under a moving train to save a girl in India, did what my heart told me

Muhammad Mehboob 37 is a carpenter by profession in Bhopal the capital of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, & works in a shop in Barkheri area of ​​the city.

But in the last few days Muhammad Mehboob life has suddenly changed and people are constantly coming to his house to congratulate him.

Mehboob who jumped under a moving train to save a girl in India

Muhammad Mehboob rescued a girl trapped on a railway track on February 5 but risked her own life. Girl was passing under a freight train when the train started moving.

The girl called for help and Mehboob, who was nearby, immediately jumped under the train and kept the girl safe. During this time many coaches of the train passed over them. The train passed and both Mehboob and the girl were safe, which was nothing short of a miracle. Mehboob has said that this work has been done with the help of Allah. I was about 30 feet away when the girl called for help. There were 30 to 40 people watching but I felt he needed help. That's what I should have done, and that's what I did. 

According to him, the incident took place on February 5 and he told very few people about it because he himself did not want more people to know about it.

Video Viral

If the video of this incident had not gone viral people would probably never have known the story of this bravery.

A man in the crowd shared a video of her on February 11 and it went viral. Since then, Muhammad Mehboob Bhopal has been the center of attention in the city.

Muhammad Mehboob didnot know much about this girl. The crying girl left after the incident.

Mehboob himself is the father of a three-year-old daughter. His parents also live with him. According to Mehboob, he told his parents and wife about it and in return he gave a lot of praise to Mehboob. But when Mehboob showed his viral video to his wife, they realized how much bravery Mehboob had shown.

Mehboob's wife Rohi Ansari says, It is in our religion to help people.

"When I was lying on the track, I covered the girl's head with my hand," says Muhammad Mehboob, recalling the incident. Because she was trying to lift her head in fear. "

After getting up from there, the girl ran to her brother. Mehboob says that he is very happy that he helped the girl in this difficult situation.

I did what my heart told me to do, he says.

Muhammad Mehboob wife Rohi Ansari says, It is in our religion to help people.

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The incident took place when Mehboob was returning from the mosque after Isha prayers. They had reached near Barkheri Gate.

While lying on the track, Mehboob was thinking that no part of the train would hit him or the girl's head.

Mehboob showed his viral video to his wife, they realized how much bravery Mehboob had shown.

The girl who was saved by Mehboob is named Sneha Gore and she works as a sales person in a private company in Bhopal.

Sneha has not met Mehboob yet but she has admitted that Mehboob has saved her life.

His brothers were standing on the other side of the track. Sneha says she wanted to tell her brother she was safe.

Mehboob does not have his own mobile phone but now many local organizations are trying to help him. Like BBM operator Shoaib Hashim has given him a mobile phone as a tribute.

Shoaib Hashim said that Muhammad Mehboob should be respected. He risked his life to save someone else's life. He himself did not want to tell anyone about it. But it has spread through the media and social media. So now everyone is ready to help them. "

Meanwhile, local police officers also thanked Muhammad Mehboob.

Zeeshan Qureshi, who works in the same area, was present when the incident took place. I was standing in front, he says. I wondered how they could take such a big risk. He could have died.It simply came to our notice then. When the girl left after the train left she was very upset and immediately ran to her relative.

Zeeshan says there were many people there but no one showed such bravery.

There are no pedestrian bridges in this densely populated area. There used to be a gate here but locals say it was closed seven years ago. Now the place is cramped and thousands of people cross the track unsafely every day.

Every day there is a freight train park here, which sometimes stops for half an hour, says Makin Almas Ali. That is why people are impatient. They pass under the train to reach the other side.

It has caused many accidents in the past. According to the railway police, 18 people lost their lives due to this last year. People have demanded the construction of the bridge many times and now after the accident, the railway department has also approved the project. But it may take one to two years to build the bridge.