Harassment: What is Harassment? Herassment meaning ?

Any message that causes another person mental anguish is harassment."

Harassment: What is Harassment? Herassment meaning ?

 If you are a woman you can surely imagine hoa painful the unnecessary Good Morning message's every morning & the 'good night' messages every night can be. Things get even more annoying when your supervisor, co worker in the office or a senior manager sends such message's.

I am a Journalist I can Ask questions? I can complain and I can expose any wrongdoing in public, be it my social media's account or WhatsApp and SMS box, all good morning, good night , Poetry, etc. are full of messages. And that list includes politicians, government officials, and sometimes even people we've been in contact with for a single event or story.

On such occasions many women some-times remain silent while some in a soft & many harsh words forbid those-who send such messages not to do so.

But did you know that if left unchecked, these messages can lead to harassment cases?

The same thing was said by Federal Ombudsman for Harassment Kashmala Tariq during a function in those days three years ago & now she has said it again.

Addressing a function in Islamabad, he explained:

Bismillah-ur-Rehman-ur-Rehman ( from ) Blessed Morning (message) Then poetry in the afternoon, then I said-that something else comes in the evening, then the story till good night .So this is all harassment.

He said that any message which makes another person suffer-mental anguish, makes it difficult for him to work and makes him feel insecure, falls under the category of harassment. She says unnecessary messages sent on social Media or any platform are an invasion of privacy.

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Social media users, especially women, seem satisfied with his statement, while some have called it-their personal opinion. Some users say that if a person does'nt refrain from such messages despite being banned, it will be considered as harassment.

Asma Tariq, a Twitter user, wrote

Asma Tariq a Twitter user wrote, Have you ever seen a woman send good morning messages every morning?

Similarly, a Twitter user-said it involved everything, and if someone told them not to do it again but (nevertheless) repeated the message, it was harassment.

It is to be noted that  Workplace Harassment Act 2010 has also been amended recently after which its scope has been widened. Men used to be able to lodge a complaint under this law, now eunuchs can-also knock on  door of the court in case of harassment. In addition, incidents of harassment in educational institutions can now be reported to the Office of the Federal and Provincial Ombudsman. The same law defines harassment as anything that, whether se-x.ual or not, affects the other person and makes them feel insecure or difficult to concentrate on work. There is some harassment.

Twitter user Waseem Raza Naqvi said: Anything that makes person in front feel uncomfortable or restless falls into the category of harassment, whether it is unnecessary message's or staring.

While expressing his opinion, Saeem Rizvi said that ringing the phone more than three times-in a row is also 'harassment' and mental anguish. In Pakistan, people-should learn ethics associated with messages.

Explaining further Kashmala Tariq said : It  also harassment that a colleague in your office call's you 'sweetheart' without any reason." According to her statement on local media, there is no one better than a woman. Understand what bed touch or stare-is.

Any inappropriate sentence, whether it is satire or flirtation, would fall-into  category of harassment he said. Let them decide-on such matters immediately.