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Green line Bus Karachi card is connected to the ITS of the green line Bus, the details of passing through the machine come in the computerized system. Image: File

Karachi: The first mass transit system administered by the federal government, Green Line, is becoming more and more crowded.

The federal government completed the first phase of the Green Line in Karachi on December 25 last year and made it operational from Surjani Town to Namaish Chowrangi.

Passengers say the federal government should start a shuttle bus service to the tower and improve its fare system, which will not only make the service more successful but also make it easier for passengers to travel.

Abdul Aziz, senior manager of Green Line Bus Service, said that during busy hours, queues of passengers are forming from 8:00 am to 10:00 am and from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Gentlemen line up separately, so far the number of passengers on working days is 30,000 to 40,000, while on holidays this number has increased to 50,000, 40 seats in the bus and standing travel. It has a capacity of 100 passengers for a total of 140 passengers at a time.

According to the Express Survey, passengers prefer to travel in long queues in green buses during busy hours instead of the old Khatara public transport and private motorcycle service.

Senior Manager Abdul Aziz added that the Green Line bus service is operating under state-of-the-art Intelligence Transport System (ITS).

Chances are that the plastic card is connected to the green line ITS, it is passed through the machine at the entrance and exit gate, then all the details are entered in the computerized system and it cannot be misused.

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The rent increases with the increase of Rs 15 at each station

Passengers say the Green Line is providing better service in some cases but worse in others. Is a new service. Less than a month after its inception, elevators and escalators have begun to deteriorate.

Elderly passenger Muhammad Abbas said that the minimum fare of Green Line is Rs. 100. 15 and maximum Rs. 55. With an increase of Rs. At each station, the fare increases.

Paper tickets and card system, cards have to be bought for Rs. 100 in which the balance is to be loaded, Rs. 55 has been fixed evenly on paper ticket, the passenger will have to pay Rs.100. However, the government-approved fare of Rs 100 is being charged on the card system. 15, 20, 25 and maximum Rs.

The federal government will be responsible for running the bus for 3 years.

Senior Manager Abdul Aziz said that the federal government will be responsible for the bus operation for 3 years after which the management including buses will be handed over to the Sindh government, because the real caretaker is the Sindh government which will run buses here on a permanent basis. Some of the station's elevators and escalators are broken and will be repaired soon.

The experience of traveling in Green Line was good, Muhammad Ali

Passenger Haji Mohammad Ali said that he has his own car, today he parked it in one place and boarded it to test the Green Line bus service. The experience of traveling in the Green Line has been good. The security service and the government should also maintain this good management on a permanent basis.

In the Green Line bus project, 80 buses are running on the corridor.

The Green Line bus service has 22 stations, according to the Express survey. During busy working days, there are long queues at these stations and people wait in these queues for half an hour to get on the buses. A total of 80 buses are plying on this corridor.

There was no delay in the arrival of buses at the bus terminal surgeon and the last station exhibition underpass. However, due to long queues, it takes some time for passengers to sit down. Many buses are already parked. Buses arrive at other stations every 2 to 5 minutes. At various stations, some elevators and escalators were damaged and shut down.

Green Line bus is cheap and good service.

Muhammad Ahmed, a passenger standing in line at the Exhibition bus stop, said that he came to the Exhibition Chowrangi from Tower in Public Transport Khan Koch and now he will go to North Karachi from Exhibition Chowrangi in Green Line, Khan is the coach. Older buses carry more passengers than they can carry, but in busy times they have to travel from place to place, sitting on the roofs of the buses. The fare is also charged at Rs. Comfortable and there. High speed service, rent is being charged Rs. 55 which is less than other transports.

He demanded the federal government to start shuttle bus service from the tower to the exhibition square as passengers come from the tower to the exhibition square and are receiving Rs. 2000 from other public transport conductors. If a bus shuttle service starts at a minimum fare of Rs. 10, it will be much better for the passengers.

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