Pakistan Future Fighter Plane Can China's J-10s compete with India's Rafale

Pakistan Army spokesman Major General Babar Iftikhar said that if Chinese-made J-10C fighter jets join the Pakistan Air Force fleet, it would further increase its strength.

Pakistan Future Fighter Plane Can Chinas J-10s vs Rafale
Pakistan Future Fighter Plane Can Chinas J-10s vs Rafale

Earlier, Pakistan's Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed had also confirmed that Chinese-made J-10s would fly past the Pakistan Day parade on March 23.

Following these statements by Pakistani officials, the possibility is growing that Pakistan is interested in buying 25 J-10 aircraft from China.

Major General Babar Iftikhar had further said in his press conference that Pakistan also enhances its defense capabilities keeping in view the military capabilities of its rivals.

It may be recalled that recently there were reports that India had installed a Russian-made S-400 missile defense system on the border with Pakistan.

Will these planes be able to compete with the planes that India has?

But the question that is being asked most in Pakistan at the moment is whether these Chinese-made aircraft are capable of competing with Rafale aircraft?

Some defense experts say that the J10C fighter jets are fully capable of competing with the Raphael aircraft acquired from France in recent times in India and in some areas this aircraft is even more advanced.

Features of J10C aircraft

Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group, the maker of the J10C aircraft, began building the aircraft in the 1980s and made its maiden flight in March 1998. In 2005, he joined the People's Liberation Army.

So far three versions of J10 aircraft AB and C have come out and J10C is considered to be one of them.

The wingspan of this aircraft is similar to that of American made F-16 aircraft.

The single-engine multi-role J10C is a state-of-the-art Delta Wings fighter capable of hitting multiple targets simultaneously.

The aircraft is equipped with PL-15 missiles that can hit targets up to 200 km away. The J10C has also taken part in the Pakistan-China joint exercise Shaheen. He successfully hit all the targets during this time.

Features of J10C aircraft

Features of J10C aircraft

Will be with 10C stealth technology '

Air Marshal (retd) Shahid Latif, who is part of the JF-17 Thunder project, says that 15 years ago, when we were building the JF-17, China offered to supply the aircraft to Pakistan.

But then we saw some flaws in the plane on which we preferred JF-17.

According to him, the Chinese authorities took note of our words and the ship has improved over time. This aircraft is now slightly better than the JF17 Thunder. I think taking this ship will improve our combat capability.

Air Marshal Shahid Latif said that this aircraft is better than Indian Raphael because it has stealth technology.

Stealth aircraft do not appear on radar.

He said that modern equipment has been added in this ship. Its avionics are very modern. The radar is superb and the range of the target is better than the F-16.

Regarding stealth technology, Air Marshal Shahid Latif said that this aircraft is made of materials that contain stealth technology so this aircraft will be much better for Pakistan.

In the past, Russian-made engines were used in the JF-17 Thunder, a joint venture between Pakistan and China, but Chinese-made engines are being used in this aircraft.

Pakistan is an expert in using Chinese technology '

Dr. Zia-ul-Haq Shamsi, Director (Retd) of the Center for Aerospace and Security Studies in Islamabad, says that countries around the world are constantly looking for new aircraft to purchase.

According to him, in the last 20 years, Pakistan has acquired new versions of JF-17 and US-made F-16 Block 52.

He said that Pakistan prefers French, American and Chinese systems because Russian planes have never been used by Pakistani engineers and pilots.

That is why Pakistan has been looking for new aircraft for a long time and for this purpose Chinese J10Cs are better for Pakistan Air Force.

According to him, we have to look at F-16s, not the old ones, but the ones in Block 52 and later, and when the Pakistan Air Force uses J10C aircraft with F-16s and JF-17s, this combination can be very impressive. ۔

Compared to the Indian Rafale aircraft, Dr. Zia Shamsi said that in the present era, the aircraft cannot be pitted against each other individually, now only the competition of the system has to be seen.

According to him, both the J10C and Raphael systems have different characteristics individually. The Raphael is a dual engine aircraft while the J10C is a single engine aircraft.

He says that now Pakistani pilots are experts in flying single engine aircraft while Indian pilots feel better on devil engine aircraft due to flying Sukhoi and other aircraft.

Similarly, Raphael's radars are better than the J10C's, while the J10C's mobility and flight are much better. Being a single engine, it has lower fuel costs, while the Raphael has higher fuel costs.

Dr. Zia Shamsi says that it cannot be compared directly but if we look at it as a whole, in my opinion there will be a difference of 19 basis between the two ships. But if we look at the price, there is a huge difference between the earth and the sky and it can be guessed why Pakistan is taking this ship.

Dr. Zia Shamsi says that Pakistan is currently working not only with China but also with many countries.

"Working with China does not mean relying on China," he said. Rather, we are working closely with China. We are building ship together with China, we are the manufacturer. Pakistan is not self-sufficient but we are supporting China and China is supporting us.

Referring to the J10C engines, Dr. Zia Shamsi said that China used to use Russian engines but now China's own engine is being used. There were some performance issues with Russian engines but now with Chinese engine it has improved a lot and these engines are better than Russian engines.

Is there an agreement to buy a ship?

So far no announcement has been made by the government of Pakistan regarding the purchase of this aircraft. However, according to local media reports, Pakistan will buy 10 aircraft in the first phase.

Although Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has announced the flight of these planes to Pakistan on March 23, but whether these planes will be flown by Pakistani pilots with ownership or by Chinese pilots, there is no announcement from the government about this yet. has been.

It usually takes a long time to train pilots and engineers before buying a ship.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced that he will visit China in the second week of January. It is likely that an announcement regarding the ship will be made during the visit.