Murree: We are stuck in the snow, "Naveed's last message to his wife

ASI Naveed Iqbal told his wife at eleven o'clock at night that he was trapped in the snow but at seven o'clock in the morning when his wife called for help, it was found out that eight members of the family including Naveed Iqbal and children are now in this world. I don't live

We are stuck in the snow, "Naveed's last message to his wife
We are stuck in the snow, "Naveed's last message to his wife

One of the vehicles stuck in Guldana was Naveed Iqbal's Suzuki Margalla, the painful video of which you may have seen on social media but by then it was too late.

The tourists, who died for the walk, including children and adults, may have lost their lives due to suffocation and now the family is waiting for the ambulances that are making their way back in the traffic.

But it is not that Naveed Iqbal made no effort to avoid death.

At eleven o'clock at night, before his wife, he begs a friend and asks him to please talk. There are children in every car, children are crying.

His audio message was confirmed by his wife's brother Majid in which Naveed could be heard saying to his friend, "Where there is heavy snowfall, the road is blocked. Are about to happen. Her car arrives. The snowman has not come since morning. The children are getting very tired. There is nothing to eat or drink. At least please run some news. See, nothing can happen. '

"We are standing on the road from Murree to Nathia Gali. The vehicles here are half covered in snow," he said.

"There are children sitting in every car and there is nothing to eat since morning. The condition of the children is bad. One of their vehicles comes to clear the snow. They are such nawabs. No policeman has come since morning and no traffic officer has come to remove the vehicle from the front. No vehicle has come to remove the snow.

Naveed's cousin Tayyab Gondal told the BBC that Naveed had appealed to the authorities and the administration through him, which was reassured but no one came to help. Tayyab says that Naveed read my last message at four in the morning but after that there was no reply and he did not read my message. I think they were asleep. "

Residents of Murree say they have never seen so many deaths in such a cold weather.

At the moment, there is a line of mourning in Naveed's village and here in Islamabad. His wife, along with her family and a surviving son, are waiting for the bodies to reach Islamabad.

"Our colleague was very funny," Mureed Hussain, a 49-year-old ASI Naveed Iqbal colleague, told the BBC. We have confirmed his death through a video that has been circulating since morning. A colleague saw it and said that it was Naveed.

According to Mureed, Naveed was posted at Kohsar police station for the last four months. He had been saying for some days that he should die and then he went on a three-day leave.

Naveed's wife's brother Majid told the BBC that my sister says that Naveed made her last phone call at 11pm and told her that we were stuck in the snow. His death was reported.

He says that Naveed used to entertain the children and he used to love to go for walks and this trip was also planned by him.

Majid said that Naveed had brought his children from a village in Talagang three days ago to die.

He says that during the children's holidays, three of the five daughters and a son came to Islamabad with him for a visit to Murree while the eldest son stayed with his mother in the village.

Naveed was accompanied by a sister in Islamabad, a son and his brother Asif's son.

The family of ASI Naveed Iqbal said that they have received information that the bodies of the family members who died in the ambulances have been sent from Khaki Hospital and they will reach Islamabad in a few hours.

Majid told the BBC that the funeral prayers of ASI Naveed Iqbal, his sister and six slain children would be offered tomorrow at 2.30 pm in Dodiyal area of ​​Telangana.

Naveed's office colleagues say that our officers are also trying to die to bring his body and his funeral prayers will be offered in the police lines with official honors.

Listening to the audio clip of Naveed Iqbal, which was aired on a local private TV channel, which he sent to his cousin, suggests that in spite of the bad situation, he had no idea that death had befallen him.

He was exhausted from being trapped for 20 hours but hoped for help which he could not get.

They say that fun comes when there is a system. They were waiting for the crane that would clear the way for them and other beleaguered people or the traffic and management personnel who would help them to get to a safe place.

But in a world of helplessness, after watching videos of other people, including a sleeping child in a car and a video of their sister, everyone is asking if tourists can't be stopped despite the weather forecast. Was there and inadequate facilities and planning in the central areas of Murree that 21 precious lives were lost in one day at a tourist spot.

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