How to play PubG mobile game

If you play PVP games, you are bound to become a bit of a competitor in video games. In fact, there are PVP modes to allow all players to face a real challenge. Over the years, the Battle Royale Games have grown exponentially, and there are more and more players. But how do you differentiate yourself and win your game? How to win on PUBG Mobile?

Play better, so that the final victory can be achieved.

In this article you will learn. How to progress in the game to become a supporter.

Here are the ways to win on PUBG Mobile.

How to become a Pro on PUBG Mobile

You have to configure the settings correctly.

In order to progress to different levels on PUBG Mobile, and finally reach the level of "winner", you need to improve your settings.

Improve your phone to play in the best conditions on PUBG MobileWhenever you want To improve the game, and win your game, you have to put yourself in the best position.

So it is important to follow them. Tips for improving PUBG Mobil

Free up memory on your smartphone: to play. The best possible arrangement, make sure your phone is dedicated to its capabilities only. PUBG. To do this, close any application that is open in the backgroun

Make sure you have a stable internet connection: If you're playing on a data connection, make sure. Get 4G, and in the open. Stay close to the Internet box if you play in Wi-F

Improve FPS to win on PUBG Mobil

And the key parameters between s, FPS, or frames per second, are important. It determines the number of images displayed per second on the screen. If you have low FPS, your screen will jerk, and you will lose performanc

If your phone is enabled, incremental FPS is displayed. To help you, I wrote an article detailing everything you need to know about FPS on PUBG Mobile:

If you can, 60 FPS will allow you to have as many smooth images as possible, and it will be easy to hit an enemy.

Winning Top 1 on PUBG Mobile: Better Goal.

Logically, this is very important to learn. Different levels of ranking for better purpose PUBG Mobile Climb. Since the game is a battle royale, improving your goal will be necessary for your progress.

Get: Tips and tips.

Here are some tips to allow my games to go on and win on PUBG Mobile.

First and foremost, it is important to understand that you earn points based on different criteria.

The number of your deaths

How long will you live

How many players are on the map when you finish the game?

If you want to win your game, and increase your rank, it is important to keep these victory criteria in mind. From these observations, you must understand. Survival is an essential element of climbing a ladder. That's why you have to avoid landing anywhere, and shooting anything that starts from the beginning of the game.

Development on Mobile: Landing Location Selection

Landing place Determining your survival and the number of points earned. Ideally, you need to find a good compromise between a sparsely populated area and an area where you can find weapons.

If you land in the cities you will find weapons, but also a lot of players, and if you aim for open countryside you will be alone, but you will not have very few weapons.

Ideally, find small buildings, or small towns. Usually sparsely populated at the beginning of the game, they often offer a lot of weapons.

When you land, be sure to look closely at your surroundings to find out where your nearest enemies are.

Choose the right weapon according to the situation.

If you want to win on mobile, you must always wear a headset. In fact, if you are bareheaded, you are too vulnerable to head shots. If you don't have one, try to avoid fighting as much as possible.

Use the environment to your advantage.

Also, try. Play according to your weapons. If you have an F-pump, just fight inside the buildings. A sniper? Choose very wide spaces with good visibility.

If you are a sniper, keep your time to the target, especially if the target has not seen you.

Winning at PUBG: Healing Effectively.

Maintenance is very important on PUBG mobile. In order to use it effectively, it is important to respect these rules: