Former Minister Nusrat Ghani: "I was fired for being a Muslim"

A former Muslim MP in Britain says his religion was raised by a government whip that led to his dismissal as a minister in 2020.

Former Minister Nusrat Ghani: "I was fired for being a Muslim
Former Minister Nusrat Ghani: "I was fired for being a Muslim

According to the Sunday Times, Nusrat Ghani, a member of the Tory party, said that when he sought an explanation, he was told that being a Muslim was an issue.

Conservative chief whip Mark Spencer says Ghani is pointing fingers at him. He further added that Nusrat Ghani's claims were completely false and he considered them defamatory.

Cabinet Minister Nadeem Zhawi has said the allegation should be investigated.

Nusrat Ghani was the first Muslim woman to become a minister in the government. He was posted to a post in the transport department.

She lost her job in February 2020 in a minor reshuffle under Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

According to the Sunday Times, Ghani said that when he sought an explanation, a government whip said that his "being a Muslim was raised as an issue" during the discussion on this minor change. It was said that a Muslim woman ... At the same time, it is causing anxiety among the workers.

MP Weldon was quoted as saying that he left the matter unanswered when he was told that if he kept asking about it, he would be cut off from the group and his career would be cut short. At the same time, reputation will be destroyed.

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On Saturday night, Spencer identified himself as the man Nusrat Ghani had claimed.

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

Spencer described the situation as "disappointing" and said that at the time, Nusrat had refused to send the case to the Conservative Party for a formal investigation.

Education Secretary Zhawi said in a tweet that there was "no place for Islamophobia or any kind of racism" in the Conservative Party, adding that the allegations "should be properly investigated and racism eradicated." Have to do.

Political correspondent Damian Grammatics says that during a crucial week for Boris Janan, the public discussion of the controversy reflects intense tensions between Tory members.

Government employee Save Gray is about to complete his inquiry into the parties held at 10 Downing Street during the Corona virus lockdown.

It is also reported that Save Gray is now watching the festivities at Johnson's private flat on Downing Street.

Ghani's allegations come after senior Conservative member Beckbencher William Regg claimed that Downing Street tried to "blackmail" MPs to remove Boris Johnson.

Varag says he will speak to the Met Police investigating officer in the House of Commons next week.

Hazel Guru's MP says he would like "investigators" to investigate instead of 10 Downing Street.

Downing Street says Varag's allegations show no evidence of such behavior.

Sergei Krikalev astronaut who was left alone in space

Hard Knot Pass Britain Most Dangerous

A spokesman said last week that he was not investigating the allegations but would consider them "carefully" if any evidence was presented to him.

Chris Bryant, chairman of the Committee on Standards of Commons, says he has spoken to about a dozen Tory MPs in the past few days who have made similar allegations about whips, saying they are from their own constituencies. They are threatening to withdraw funds for the election campaign and basic infrastructure such as bypass and school.

The prime minister says he has seen no evidence to support Reg's allegations.

The MPs in charge of 10 Downing Street, Tory Whips and Party Discipline are trying to increase support for Boris Johns before next week's Save Gray report.

Some Conservative lawmakers have called for his resignation after the prime minister acknowledged the party at 10 Downing Street during the lockdown, with Boris Johns saying he thought the ceremony was a work in progress. ۔

So far, six Tory MPs have declared no confidence in the prime minister, but it is believed that more and more members have submitted letters to Sir Graham Brady in this regard. Sir Graham Brady is chairman of the 1922 Back Bench Committee, which organizes leadership contests in the Tory party.

Under party rules, if 54 letters are submitted, a no-confidence vote could begin, leading to the election of a new leadership.