Road Made of Plastic in Islamabad Why is Plastic an Ideal Building Material

The countrys first roads made of plastic has been built in the Pakistani capital Islamabad using recently wasted plastic. A one-kilometer-long piece roads made of plastic has been constructed at a cost of Rs. 20 million on the city's famous Atat rk Street.
Pakistan produces 55 billion roads made of plastic bags annually, most of which go to landfill sites, causing a huge increase in pollution in the country.

Road Made of Plastic in Islamabad: Why is Plastic an Ideal Building Material
roads made of plastic has been built in the Pakistani capital Islamabad using recently wasted plastic

The government of Pakistan estimates that 87,000 tons of solid waste is generated in the country every day and it is a major cause of pollution in major cities of Pakistan.
Many experts believe that one of the best ways to make plastics more efficient and to control the growing pollution of plastics is to use them in the construction industry.

Waste plastic is a huge and obvious global problem. It is found from the highest mountains to the depths of the sea, so it seems impossible to escape.

It is almost impossible to get rid of plastic by natural conditions, but it is still dumped in large numbers around the world. The world produces about 359 million tons of plastic every year. Our environment cannot deal with the rapid dumping of plastics to prevent harm to humans.

So now there is a consensus that plastic is not an environmentally friendly material and is a big problem. But it is also possible to solve this problem.

The problem is not plastic but our economic model in which things are manufactured and discarded after use. This model focuses on unlimited economic growth and does not focus on the depleted resources of our planet.

Plastics can be used in many different ways, one of which I have been working on is to make unused plastics into hard, reliable and durable materials used in construction.
Many people believe that recycling plastic is forbidden and there are very few types that can be recycled. This is not surprising. The amount of plastic that is recycled is very small.

Five million tonnes of plastic is used every year in the UK. And of that, only 370,000 tons are recycled, meaning only 17% of the total is used.

But plastics and other similar items like nylon, polyester etc. can be 100% recyclable. They have the ability to create the same thing over and over again. Some plastics can be reused, such as when you break an object into pieces, melt it, and reuse it.