Riyadh announces large scale military operation in Yemen

 Riyadh announces large-scale military operation in Yemen

Riyadh announces large-scale military operation in Yemen
Riyadh announces large-scale military operation in Yemen

The Saudi-led military coalition has announced a major military operation in Yemen after seven people were wounded, including two civilians, in an attack by Houthi rebels on Friday.

The Houthis in Yemen have also warned Saudi Arabia of a "painful" response to a deadly attack.

A spokesman for the Houthi military wing, Yahya Sari, said they had attacked Saudi Arabia with ballistic missiles.

He also claimed that "missile force destroyed three very important and sensitive sites in the Saudi city of Jizan with three ballistic missiles".

"We promise the Saudi government painful and painful actions as long as it persists in its aggression and crimes," the spokesman said.

Pakistan's foreign office has condemned a ballistic attack on Saudi Arabia by Houthi rebels, saying it killed and injured civilians as well as damaged infrastructure.

Pakistan also demanded an end to the attacks, expressing solidarity with Saudi Arabia and its commitment to stand.

Missiles fired at Saudi Arabia have similar structure"
Missiles fired  Saudi Arabia similar structure

"Missiles fired Saudi Arabia have similar structure"

Saudi Arabia offers ceasefire to Houthi rebels in Yemen, Pakistan welcomes

Separatists have declared southern Yemen an autonomous region

It should be noted that Saudi Arabia is currently conducting a military operation against Yemen. In a recent attack, Saudi Arabia has targeted key locations, including a Yemeni airport.

According to Houthi rebels, three people, including a woman and a child, have been killed in an attack by the Saudi military coalition in Yemen.

Earlier, according to Saudi Arabia's Civil Defense Department, Houthis launched a military projectile attack on the Samatha governorate in the Jazan region of Yemen on Friday evening, killing one Saudi and one Yemeni citizen standing at a store. And seven were injured.

According to Saudi officials, the Houthi attack also damaged two shops and 12 vehicles.

According to Saudi sources, the coalition will hold a press conference on Sunday to discuss the latest developments. The coalition also announced that it was in the process of "preparing for an expanded military operation".

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