Orange Line Bus Karachi Service Route Ticket and timing Orange Bus

Orange Bus Karachi with 4 Route Project later renamed after Abdul Sattar Edhi was started 10 September 2022 With Good Ticket Price and Timing in Orange Line Brt Bus June 2016 and was to be completed in June 2017 Orange Line  BRT Bus Karachi Route  3.9 Km And 15 Hr Timing With Lower Ticket Prices.

 Abdul Sattar Orange Bus Karachi Project Route is to construct only 3.9 km Increase More long Orange Service Route in Future This Bus Service Curri corridor from Orangi Town Office to Matriculation Board Office Chowrangi Orange Bus Rapid Transit BRT Karachi.

Orange Line Rapid Bus Karachi  West Route :

West District of Karachi 4 Stations

  • TMA Office 
  • Orangi Town
  • Board Office 
  • North Nazimabad 
Corridor Orange Line Bus (Abdul Sattar Edhi) Bus Karachi Route size 3.9 Km. Join to Green line Bus service Route karachi.

Orange Line BRT Bus Service  Abdul Sattar Edhi Plan will be gifted. Sindh government has imported Chinese diesel hybrid buses for Bus Rapid Transit BRT Karachi. The Busses project will help increase the use of quality public transport. 

Travel Service :

This Orange bus service will reduce traffic congestion. and will also help reduce air pollution in the city.  Abdul Sattar Edhi Bus Orange Line Rapid Transit Bus Service will provide safe and comfortable travel.

 The citizens of Orange Town and adjoining areas. It has one elevated station and three grade stations. 10 accelerators and (sixteen) 16 Platform Screen Doors PSD installed. It is a fully funded project by the Government of Sindh.

Mass Transit Authority Sindh

 Which will be run under Sindh Mass Transit Authority. The Sindh government has already paid purchase amount of 20 buses for the  (Abdul Sattar Edhi) Orange Line project. 

99% Route infrastructure of Orange Line project has been completed Orange Town to Matric Board Office. A successful test drive within the corridor for the Orange Line has begun. More than 64 passengers will travel at a time in a bus with 31 seats and approximately.  

34 standing seats with support handles and 02 seats reserved for disabled persons. 

Buses Standard :

These buses are of international standard with all facilities including Wi-Fi & mobile charging ports. The Orange Bus Rapid Transit BRT is named after Abdul Sattar Edhi. 

The expected ridership is 24,000 per day but the system can handle 30,000 passengers per day. 
Orange Line Bus Service is planned to cover a distance of 3.88 km from Town Municipal Administration Office Orange Town to Jinnah University for Women Karachi Near Matriculation Board Office with four 4 BRT stations and one  1 Depot adjacent to Paposh Graveyard included.

Under Construction :

 Under this project a total of 20 buses will ply and 40 drivers will perform their duties in two shifts. 
The company Nespak is the consultant for the detailed design and construction supervision of the project.
Procurement of Intelligent Transport System (ITS) and operation of 20 BRT buses has been mandated to SIDCL (Facilitation and Implementation Agreement between SIDCL and Government of Sindh) for 3 years. and provision of funds has been included in the revised PC 1 of the project. 

Approved in April 2021. SIDCL Sindh Infrastructure Development Company Limited hired DAEWOO to run these buses. The Sindh government handed over the orange line bus service project to the federal government on completion.

Orange Line Bus Karachi Route
Orange Line Bus  service Karachi Route 

Ready to Start :

Orange line bus Started Today .Sindh Government addition of another quality transport facility in Karachi Orange line Edhi bus Service Karachi Fifty thousand citizens will be able to benefit from this service running from Orangi Town Office to Board Office every day.

Sindh Government has added another quality transport facility in Karachi Orange Line bus Rapid Transit service is starting regularly from today.

Travel route :

Fifty thousand citizens will be able to benefit from Orange line service running from the Orangi Town Office to Board Office Karachi.

There is going to be another addition to the transport system for the people of Karachi after the Green Line & People's Bus Service the Orange Line is now being launched.

Orange Line built to benefit fifty thousand people daily has been named after Abdul Sattar Edhi but it has taken six years & 6 months to build this line.

Karachi Orange Line Project named also after Abdul Sattar Edhi Bus

The Sindh government laid the foundation stone of the Orange Line bus BRT project on 10 June  2016. The completion period was given for 1 year but there was an inordinate delay in starting the project.

Orange Line bus Karachi track running from Orangi Town to Board Office is 3.9 km long with four bus stations & eighteen buses.

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Karachi Report:Sindh Government of People Party took more than 5 years to complete the 3.8 km long Orange Line bus BRT project. After a few days citizens will be able to travel on orange buses. According to the details Sindh Provincial Information Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon has said that the Orange Line project is ready it will-be opened for public from 10 September .

Bus Route Video  :

Watch Video about orange Orange line Routes. must Watch this Video.

Orange Line Bus Karachi route map :

The previous federal government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf operationalized the project last year. Despite being a much bigger project than the Orange Line project, the Tehreek-e-Insaaf federal government managed to complete the Green Line Bus project in a shorter time.

 The Orange Line  Service Bus Karachi  short-distance project could not be completed in time by the Sindh government. Former Member National Assembly and Administrator of Al-Khidmat Hospital Laiq Khan while talking.

Orange Line Bus Karachi Route map
Orange Line Bus Karachi Route map

said that Orange bus project is being carried out very slowly. He said that Al-Khidmat Hospital is located in the corridor of this corridor.

He said that bus operation on this project should be started as soon as possible so that the people here who have suffered so much can now reap the benefits of this project.

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 According to the survey, the Orange Line Bus Project is being constructed at Orangi Town Office to Matriculation Board Office Chowrangi, Shahra Orangi. 

Engineers said on condition of anonymity that the civil infrastructure of the project. Including development of main corridor 2 stations.

Bus terminal will be completed by the end of January next year two station. lifts have not been imported yet so the completion of these 2 stations will be further delayed. In addition the import of buses may take up to a year.

What is the plan?

Work on the Abdul Sattar Edhi Line Orange Line bus project was formally started on 11 June 2016 . & it is the smallest project in the Bus Rapid Transit System BRT.  to be built in Karachi with a length of only 3.9 km.

 In this project the bus will run from Orangi Town in West District of Karachi on a special road and its last station will be at Board Office North Nazimabad. 

This route is so short that only 4 stations or stops will-be made in it. The project is divided into 02 parts contracted by 02 separate companies. 

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On Package 01a company called MS Engineering Pvt. 

Ltd. is working on the project from Town Municipal Office to Bacha Khan Flyover while beyond that the work up to Board Office is the responsibility of a company called KNK. 

The cost of the project was estimated at Rs 1.14 billion however  increase in the completion period of the project has also increased the cost estimate. The Sindh government which has provided funding for the project claims that 50,000 passengers will benefit daily after the completion of the bus project.

Orang line Bus karachi Timing And ticket price

As soon as the timing and ticket rate service starts, it will be updated after the proposal and approval of Sindh government.

Orange Line BRT is ready for Karachi Sharjeel Memon

Transport Minister Sharjeel Memon has said that the test drive of Orange Line Bus BRT Abdul Sattar Edhi Line project for Karachi has-been completed successfully.

Minister Sharjeel Memon said in a message on social media that the Orange Line Bus project will start from 10 September.

 Sharjeel said that the Orange Line bus project was completed entirely with funds of Sindh government.

Raed it :

Orange Line Bus will provide safe Good travel facility to the citizens of Orangi Banaras & North Nazimabad.

Sindh Government of Pakistan People Party took more than 5 years to complete the 3.8 km long Orange Line bus BRT project.

Orange Bus project completed after years was declared as a gift for Karachi by provincial minister Sharjeel Memon. Citizens will be able to travel on orange buses from September .

Government of Sindh Announce :

He also said that this project is 100 percent provided by the Government of Sindh for people of Karachi. 

Provincial minister said that the test drive is starting today God willing, it will-be opened for public from September 10.

While the administrator Murtaza Wahab says that they are now moving in right direction to provide easy & affordable transportation to the people of Karachi.

More Details :

It should be noted here that foundation stone of the Orange Line Metro Bus project was laid in 2016. but the Pakistan People Party provincial government took more than 5 & a half years to complete this smallest mass transit project in the country. 

For the project Sindh government had received 20 modern buses from China in the month of June as well but still it took another 3 months for provincial government to operationalize the project.

Orange Line Abdul Sattar Bus Ticket Price :

Ticket Price is Rs.10 to Rs.50 Time 7Am To 10Pm.

After receiving the transport minister department Sharjeel Inam Memon made a series of visits and meetings for the Orange Line bus. 

He had  also said that the bus project would be inaugurated from 1 June but the project will now be operationalized on September 10. The Orange Line Bus Rapid Project is 3.88 km long which will start from Orangi Town number 5 & end near Nazimabad Matriculation Main Board Office. 

It may also be noted that Orange Line Bus is the second mass transit project for Karachi, after  federal government had operationalized the nearly 30 km long Green Line bus project several months ago.