MERSEYSIDE Police officer fired for taking selfies at murder scene.


A MERSEYSIDE police constable has been fired following a Mercy Side police investigation

A police officer has been fired for taking selfies at the scene of a young man's murder. The young man was stabbed to death.

PC Ryan Connolly, who works for the  MERSEYSIDE police in England, also shared photos against racists and homosexuals and also took pictures of mentally ill people as they were being hospitalized. ۔

MERSEYSIDE Police officer fired for taking selfies at murder scene
MERSEYSIDE Police officer fired for taking selfies at murder scene

MERSEYSIDE Police officer fired for taking selfies at murder scene police say a 37-year-old man has been fired for gross immorality following an anti-corruption investigation.

According to police, they found "extremely offensive" photos taken between 2015 and 2018.

Connolly has also been charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice, misuse of a police computer and misconduct while in public office. He will be sentenced on January 10 in Manchester Crown Court.

Investigations revealed that he had taken pictures of mentally and physically weak people while on duty and that his phone contained "horrible homophobic, racist and offensive images."

During the hearing on the misconduct, it was stated that he had taken a picture of the police cordon at a murder scene where a young man was stabbed in 2018. He also shared a photo of a member of 'Ko Clicks Clean'.

Deputy Chief Constable Ann Kirchley said: "I am shocked by Connolly's actions, they are beyond comprehension and do not conform to the high standards and values ​​we expect here at Morsi Side Police.

"Every day our officers carry out extraordinarily selfless acts of bravery, protecting the most vulnerable people in our communities, yet here we see the heinous acts of a very selfish individual whom our police service I have no place

PC Ryan Connolly's actions are being called bad

He added: "The attitude of this officer is deplorable and it hurts the trust and confidence of the people in the police.

"We are very clear. If an officer is found behaving in a way that does not meet our standards, we will take immediate and strict action."

Earlier this month, two Metropolitan Police officers were jailed for taking pictures of two slain sisters and sharing them on WhatsApp groups.