Incident of demolition of fence on Pakistani border, claim of barbed wire in Afghanistan

Incident of demolition of fence on Pakistani border, claim of barbed wire in Afghanistan

Incident of demolition of fence on Pakistani border, claim of barbed wire in Afghanistan

A fence erected by the Pakistani army on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border has been reportedly torn down by the Afghan Taliban.

Videos surfaced on social media on Tuesday showing Afghan Taliban special forces picking up the thorns from a location on the Pak-Afghan border.

The videos claim that barbed wire has been installed in Afghanistan. Afghan government officials there have reacted strongly.

It should be noted that the Pak-Afghan border, named after the Durand Line, is a long border of about 2400 km and Pakistan had started a plan to erect a fence along the border with Iran a few years ago.

Pakistan claims to have spent huge sums on the project and maintains that the fence was erected to prevent illegal movement across the border.
On the other hand, officials before the Afghan Taliban have been opposed to the plan, arguing that it is not right to erect a fence on the border until the border dispute between the two countries is resolved.
This is the first time since the fall of the Taliban government in Afghanistan that the fence has been removed.
Afghan journalist Bilal Sarwari shared the video and photos on Twitter in which some Afghan security personnel were seen carrying barbed wire and a large number f barbed wire lying on the gro

The makers of this video are saying to each other, 'Bring the right wires', then the other person says, 'Bring all the wires.'
According to Bilal Sarwari's tweet, these special forces are being led by Taliban intelligence chief Dr Bashir.
The tweet said that according to Afghan soldiers, these barbed wires have been installed inside Afghanistan.
A video released on social media shows a man in a chador, apparently warning Pakistani officials from a distance on the mountain, not to enter Afghanistan.
The man is said to be Dr. Bashir and is leading a special forces unit.
According to the tweet, the incident took place in Goshta district in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan and this area is similar to Mohmand tribal district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
This is not the first time that protests have taken place in Afghanistan against fencing on the Pak-Afghan border. Even under the previous government, Afghan officials have opposed it.
During the process of fencing the border, there have been several attacks by Afghanistan in which Pakistan has also suffered casualties.
In May this year, Afghanistan attacked the border with Pakistan near Zhob district. It was not immediately clear who the attackers were, but it was alleged that the militants attacked Pakistani FC personnel. Four officers were killed in the attack.
The attack took place while FC men were busy fencing off the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.
Officials said that this was not the first incident of cross-border firing on the Pak-Afghan border but there had been several incidents in the past in which Pakistani nationals and Border Security Force personnel were targeted.
After the Afghan Taliban came to power in August this year, some Pakistani government officials removed banners from Pakistani trucks carrying aid to Afghan citizens.
When contacted by the Afghan Taliban about the recent operation by Afghan officials on the border, Bilal Karimi, an official with their information department, said they were contacting about the incident and would confirm it if it was confirmed. We will be able to state our position on this. So far they have no confirmed reports.
He also sent a message to the security officials in Pakistan to find out about this but so far no reply has been received. Similarly, messages have also been sent to Federal Minister for Information Fawad Chaudhry but no response has been received from him in this regard.